10 Creative Pumpkin Ideas

I have already featured quite a few pumpkin and jack o’lantern ideas, but I just keep coming across more and more! it’s amazing the creativity that’s out, I just can’t imagine life without the internet now. Here are some of the more creative ideas I have seen lately.

1. Vintage Inspired Pumpkin
2. Wood Pallet Pumpkin
3. Prim Painted Pumpkin
4. Turquoise Pumpkin
5. Glitter Stripes Pumpkin
6. Faux Leather Studed Pumpkin
7. Potato Stamped Fall Pumpkins
8. Raggety Pumpkin
9. Cinderella Sweater Pumpkins
10. Silhouette Pumpkins


  1. says

    Thank you so much for featuring my faux leather pumpkin or, as I call it, my HEAVY METAL PUMPKIN!!! \m/ I really appreciate it and love your site!

  2. says

    How fun to have my Cinderella Pumpkins featured on your blog!! Your blog is one that I refer to often for craft ideas as you do such a great job of finding all the cool crafts in blog land!!

    Thank you!

    bee blessed

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