4 Fun Mod Podge Projects

For a long time I thought it was “modge” podge, and apparently I am not the only one. It’s such a common mistake that even shopping sites use both terms to make sure to get into both sets of search results! I digress. Mod Podge is (as if you didn’t already know) a brand name on a very versatile decoupage medium. Here are just a few projects that can be made with this wonderful product.

1. Antiqued Wall Art
2. Modge Podge Frame
3. Modge Podge Bar Stools
4. Doily Design Resist Stool


  1. Ting says

    I’m so glad you featured these in the round-up. I first heard the words mod podge on the original ‘trading spaces’ on bbc america way back when I was unemployed in 2001 (what a year). Anyway, I am always looking for new ways to use it and these are great! Thanks Amanda!

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