50 Paint Chip Sample Project Ideas


We have discussed previously about how taking Paint Chip samples may be considered stealing. In that post, Amanda (our previous Home and Garden Editor) talked to various paint chip companies and the general consensus was that it is not considered stealing. Yet.

So while we are on to a good thing, let’s look at some craft projects to do with Paint Chip Samples. While we have found other projects on our site before, here is a link to Broke And Healthy’s website where she has put together a list of 50 fun projects that you can do with Paint Chip Samples.

50 fun projects to do with Paint Chip Samples.


  1. Margaret Thomson says

    Paint chip samples have a shelf life, according to my Benjamin Moore paint store manager. He said that they do not want paint samples to be returned because the color changes with time, and they do not know how old the returned samples might be. If you are painting, and do take a sample to see the color in your own space, return it sooner rather than later, and buy a pint sized or smaller tester, if available — you will need about a 1×1 foot or larger square to truly understand how a color will look in your own room. Some stores have larger samples on paper that you can borrow and return the same day, or buy. However, if you are are concerned about taking a paint sample without the intent of buying paint, you could offer to compensate the paint store owner. Chances are they will not accept compensation, preferring instead to be paid in good will and knowing that when you do intend to buy paint, you will think of their store first.

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