6 Creative Gardening Projects

6 Creative Gardening ProjectsTomorrow I’ll be planting some seeds. I know it seems a little late, but I don’t think so. I plan to keep some in my kitchen and the rest will go outside. I have two brick encased planters out front and a flower bed in the back. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for cool gardening projects, and these are some of my favorites from last week. So get some inspiration and get outside! Then of course, come back and read more Craft Gossip :)

1. Wash Tub Planter
2. Vertical Vegetable Garden
3. Flowers in Rain Boots
4. Herb Garden on Wheels
5. Seedlings in Egg Shells
6. DIY Tomato Cages


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    The vertical garden looks like the shoe holder I never use! I might have to dust it off and hang it outside! My shoes never manage to jump up in there anyway.lol

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