6 Ways to Organize Your Craft Supplies

It’s spring, which means spring cleaning and getting organized. That doesn’t just mean cleaning your curtains and shaking out your rugs. Your craft room can use a sprucing up as well! Here are 6 fun ideas for getting your crafts organized.

1. Yarn Storage Box
2. Thread storage
3. Homemade fabric bolts
4. Spice Rack to Bead Storage Makeover
5. Thread Holder
6. Clothespin spools for your ribbon


  1. Karol B. says

    I really need to get organized actually I am constantly organizing and reorganizing. Wish I could get ideas to get it done once and for all.

  2. Mamabear1138 says

    What works for me lately w/organization flow is following the fingertip guidelines; Keep what your fingertips itch for first closest, related things w/related things. Then move to what your fingertips itch for next, related things together still & so on & so on. Pretty packaging & themed containers you’ll have to figure out as you are unique & your style should be suited to you; just as your organization should be. Hope this helps and may ‘God speed’ you.


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