7 Repurpose Craft Projects for the Home

7 Repurpose Craft Projects for the Home

Repurposing means you have taken something that is no longer useful or desirable in its current state and transformed it into something completely different. Repurposing is actually what we do when we say we are “recycling” in the craft world. However, recycling is truly what the recycling centers do. They melt down plastic and glass and start all over again to make new plastic and glass. We however give a piece of garbage new purpose, hence the word repurpose.

Here are 7 cool ways to repurpose things that may no longer be wanted in their originally intended state that have been salvaged and turned into something completely cool.

1. Old door to photo display
2. Old dresser to portable bar
3. Garbage can lid to light fixture
4. Wooden wire spool to bookcase table
5. Chicken crate to coffee table
6. Wooden barrel to side table
7. Old shutters to wall art display

Here are over 50 more repurposing crafts and ideas for you too!

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