9 Christmas Stocking Crafts

When my kids were little I found a really cool pattern in a magazine for some Christmas stockings made out of old blue jeans and rusty jingle bells. My sewing machine has cobwebs on it 😛 so I paid a woman to make me six of them, one for each of our four kids and one each for my husband and I. I still pull the stockings out every year and have not been able to find the pattern since. My point? I cherish these stockings. Hand made items are always so much closer to your heart aren’t they? Here are some lovely homemade stocking ideas in case you need to start a tradition as well. :)

1. Vintage Stockings
2. Plaid Stocking
3. Yarn Topped Stocking
4. Polka Dot Stockings
5. Glitter Polka Dot Stocking
6. Knit Stockings
7. Burlap Stockings
8. Picture Stockings
9. Felt Tree Stocking



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