9 Christmas Tree Crafts

The other day I made a Christmas tree out of natural coffee filters (you can see it in this collection, it’s #2) and that got me searching for other crafty Christmas tree projects. I found quite a few and am really amazed at the creativity out there! There are even more I’m sure, so don’t be surprised if you see another Christmas tree round up from me before the big day. :)

1. Funky Paper Christmas Trees
2. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree
3. Curly Christmas Tree
4. White Rose Petal Christmas Tree
5. Ruffled Felt Christmas Tree
6. Button Christmas Tree
7. Magazine Christmas Trees
8. Tissue Paper Christmas Trees
9. Burlap and Ruffle Trees


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    I think that is absolutely awesome and I would love to add a link on my site. Would you be ok with this?

    Thank you for sharing.

    Keep up your adventurist and imaginative play.


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