9 Kitchen Craft Ideas

I have had tunnel vision in my house lately. Since we moved in just before Thanksgiving I’ve been making little projects here and there to spruce up the kitchen. So naturally my eyes have been peeled for other cool kitchen crafts as I bop around from blog to blog. Here are a handful of nifty ideas to inspire you.

1. Tile Hot Plates
2. DIY Coupon Organizer
3. Bon Appetit Sign
4. Chalkboard Magnetic Pantry Door
5. Stained Vased
6. DIY Window Menu Board
7. Kitchen Sign
8. Faux Wood Kitchen Towel Holder
9. Burner Cover Recipe Holder


  1. says

    I am NOT a crafty person, but the tile hot plates and the burner covers are so cute and the projects look so easy. You’ve inspired me! I can’t wait until tomorrow to get out to the store for the supplies!


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