9 Kitchen Crafts

If you follow my other blog, Crafts by Amanda, you know that I have been making lots of different projects for my kitchen. The spice rack listed below (#1) is my latest, but I’ve been collecting several kitchen project links lately and wanted to share them with you. Check these out, they are all pretty darn fabulous. :)

1. Spice Rack Makeover
2. Scrabble Tile Magnets
3. Test Tube Spice Rack
4. Pocket Cabinet
5. Soda Box Can
6. Funky Kitchen Art
7. Fancy Floral Napkin Rings
8. Chalkboard in a Cupboard
9. Tile Coasters


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    Thank you so much for featuring my Kitchen Art! I love that project and enjoy walking by it at least 20x a day!!!!
    I posted you button on my sidebar as well and “Liked” on Facebook!

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! My stats are through the roof thanks to your highlights. Almost hot 2000 hits today! THANKS! I am honored!

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