9 Lives Boutique – For the Animals

9 Lives Boutiqie
Last weekend I got together with my old friend Jennifer from high school and we did a little treasure hunting. Our original intention was to go to garage sales, but instead we ended up browsing several thrift and antique stores in Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is a town about 15-20 minutes from me. It’s rather touristy and usually quite expensive. Jennifer took me to a little store that I just fell in love with. Not just because of the items inside, but because of their mission. Saving the animals.

9 Lives Boutique - For the Animals

The 9 Lives Boutique, located at 835 Geneva Street in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin makes its home, like many of the other stores around it, in an old house turned shop. The wood floors creek as you walk and there’s that distinctive antique aroma when you walk in the door. So what makes this store different than the many other stores in the area?

100% of the proceeds benefit the homeless animals that are cared for at the Lakeland Animal Shelter. So anything you buy in this store helps a dog or a cat or some other defenseless animal that is not fortunate enough to have a loving home. The prices are very reasonable too. Makes sense. They don’t overprice their items because they want them to move! Next time I do a clean out of my belongings, I’ll be donating to them as well as my regular donation bin. I just love the cause behind it!

9 Lives Boutique - For the AnimalsHere’s a few of the goodies I purchased. I’m excited about going again since their inventory is constantly changing. There’s a lot of craft inspiration in a shop like this as well. Knowing that I’m helping by shopping is such a joy! So if you’re ever in Lake Geneva, be sure to visit this shop. Spread the word too. :)

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  1. Whoffs says

    I stumbled across that place 2 years ago (I live 15/20 minutes away from there too) and found some great crafting ribbon and a cute top. Love a good cause and a good deal!

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