9 Pantry Makeovers: Getting Organized

I moved right before Thanksgiving. I’m still trying to get everything organized, and this week it was the pantry’s turn. It was driving me crazy looking in this cabinet, then that cabinet, then the pantry to try and find something. Before getting busy though, I hit the googlewaves and found some pretty cool pantry makeovers in the process. I’ve included 9 organized pantries and below that list some more great articles on getting your pantry space in order. Happy organizing!

1. The Great Pantry Makeover
2. Five Easy Steps to Reorganize Your Pantry
3. Pantry Makeover
4. The Pantry Makeover
5. Pantry Makeover Organizing Tips
6. Pantry Redo
7. Pretty Pantry Makeover
8. New Year, New Pantry
9. Pantry Organization with Labels

More pantry organizing tips, tricks and advice:

An Organized Pantry
Organized Pantry: Beginner Guide to Pantry Pride
Taking Stock: Tips to Get an Organized Pantry
How To Organize A Pantry
Ten Steps to an Organized Pantry
Rubbermaid: An Organized Pantry


  1. Jamie @ Happy House, Happy Home says

    Thanks for all the links!

    I just wrote a blog post today about my pantry redo! How funny!


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