9 Snowflake Craft Projects

I love snowflakes! The design itself is so versatile, from simple to intricate and everything in between. Whether it’s small children cutting off little bits of folded paper to make a pretty design or an adult painstakingly crafting each little line. Snowflakes are truly beautiful. Here are just a few I’ve found around the web, and don’t forget to check on my Etsy stalking feature on snowflakes!

1. Pasta Craft Stick Snowflakes
2. Stamped Clay Snowflakes
3. Dollar Store Snowflake Coasters
4. Quilled Snowflake Ornament
5. Fragrant fir snowflake
6. Snowflake Hurricanes
7. Oversized Snowflakes
8. Wooden Snowflake
9. Coffee Filter Snowflakes



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