9 Snowman Crafts

I’ll admit it. I’m a snowman fanatic. I love how cute and whimsical they are, how easy they are to use in craft projects, and how happy they always seem. Even on the brink of melting, their smiles still cross their faces, even until all that’s left is a hat, carrot and some coal. Here are some fun snowman crafts, but don’t think these will be the last! I’m already collecting more for another round up!

1. Snowman Fridge
2. Glowing Snowman
3. Container Snowman
4. Glass Block Snowman
5. Paint Stick Snowman
6. Lightbulb Snowman
7. Snowman Hat and Booties
8. Salt Dough Snowman Bowl Fillers
9. Mitten Snowmen



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