A Cat Paradise


We don’t post many cat related projects here – but I just could not stop myself from posting about this amazing DIY transformation that a cat lover in California has done!

Can you believe this house? This is a cat’s dream home!

The owner who has 18 cats, has created ramps, walkways and tunnels for the his beloved cats to play on – throughout the house.

Get more details and pictures on this amazing transformation here: A cat paradise transformation.


  1. Shari Harniss says

    All I can think of when I see this pic is all the cat hair drifting down into the kitchen. Yuck!

  2. Lynn says

    I read about this house ! It’s awesome. Has a ventilation system so you don’t “smell” cats and the cat hair. EXPENSIVE home but hey I love my animals too and if I could afford to build a house like that I would too !!

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