Awesome Teen Bedroom Makeover

Awesome Teen Bedroom MakeoverWow, this is an amazing bedroom! If you have a teen and their room needs to get with the program, you’ll want to head over to Today’s Creative Blog and see all the fabulous things that Kim and her talented designer friend, Aaron Christensen did to make this happen. There are two posts of interest:

1) This first link is actually the second one to be posted. Because the first one had so many comments and questions, the details of the room are given here: Details of a Room Makeover

2) This is the original post explaining how it all came to be with before and after photos Cool Bedrooms — Todays Creative Blog.


  1. elise says

    where is the bedding from? I am looking for colorful yet contemporary bedding for my 8 year old son. not too sophistaicated but not too babyish either. Having a very hard time.

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