You may think that cleaning your dishwasher is a silly thing to need to do.  After all, it uses hot water and soap to clean all of those dishes, so why would you have to actually clean it?  There are …

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Cleaning is one of those things that most of us hate to do, but absolutely love the after effects.  Although it may not be something we really enjoy doing, it is necessary to maintain a healthy and clean home, and …

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It’s that time of the year to break out your BBQ grill and cook anything, and about everything that you can.  However, using your grill that often can take a toll on it.  Did you know you should be cleaning your BBQ …

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We all want a beautiful kitchen space, but having a complete overhaul and upgrading our cabinets is not always within budget.  Adding a new coat of paint and updating your hardware can sometimes be all that your space needs to take …

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While doing the cooking and prep-work, there are just some things that you can’t help but think, “There has to be an easier way!”.  Well, now there is thanks to One Good Thing by Jillee.

Over the years, she has compiled …

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Organizing Healthy Fast Food At Home

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, it is usually all too easy to give in to those natural cravings of unhealthy food.  However, it has been proven that we tend to eat with our eyes before our …

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Every few weeks, I buy one of those clean your dishwasher liquid solutions at the supermarket that costs an arm and a leg. And it never ever does it’s job properly. I have to repeat the process every 3 weeks.…

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On a limited budget and struggling to feed a family? Then you should try this list of 50 things that you can actually make at home and not spend money on at the supermarket. Not only will you save money …

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Part of the inspiration of keeping a clean house – is to declutter it. Everything else that remains is beautiful. Do you agree?

Tsh has a great blog – and it is dedicated to the art and science of living …

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Like most click-bait articles, this is as bad as they get. And if you have been on the Internet for at least a year, you have probably seen most of them. Even then, it is worthwhile to see all these …

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A constant source of angst in our house, the dishwasher is the poster child of “whose turn is it?” arguments. And I never win that argument.

However, one thing that really bothers me is that over time, almost all dishwashers …

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clean sink

ThriftySue found the best way to clean a sink. And it looks and works wonders. I know. Because I tried it.

It helps to get rid of those sticky stains, and the water marks. Ughh. I hate those water marks.…

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One more via BuzzFeed – a way to make sure your OCD really kicks in and that you kitchen is brand spanking clean.

Not really sure the need for such a deep clean, but if you need to, then these …

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.. is to use a drill.

No seriously.

Dutch chef Jasper van Ramshorst probably got too bored peeling apples the normal way, so he got a drill, put it through an apple core, put the peeler on top of it and let …

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This is a constant source of irritation at our house. The under kitchen sink area. It is a mess of cleaners, oddments, scrubbers that do not find a place anywhere else. In short, it is very unorganized.

So imagine my …

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