Yardstick Stool

Yardstick Stool

Four beautiful stools all made by one talented DIY blogger. I love them all, but I am absolutely smitten with the yardstick stool. Oh kitchen bar stools would look fabulous like this, don’t you agree? Get some of your own … Read the rest

Hemnes Dresser Redo

Hemnes Dresser RedoCould this be more gorgeous? That paintable wallpaper on the drawers is just beautiful and I wish I had the furniture makeover gene that so many talented DIY bloggers do! There isn’t tutorial, but there is an accounting of the … Read the rest

From Crib to Desk

From Crib to DeskThis is brilliant don’t you think? Your child has outgrown the crib, so turn it into a totally fun piece of furniture that will grow with your child. I love the chalkboard table top and the way everything is hanging … Read the rest

Decorating Wooden Chairs

Decorating Wooden ChairsThese whimsical little chairs started life in an elementary school Kindergarten. As time past they were replaced with new ones and eventually sold, luckily to this talented artist who added adorable vintage figures with colored pencil. Check out the post … Read the rest