Cleaning Your Dishwasher 101


You may think that cleaning your dishwasher is a silly thing to need to do.  After all, it uses hot water and soap to clean all of those dishes, so why would you have to actually clean it?  There are actually many different places inside of your dishwasher that get food particles built up, and hard water build up as well.  Regular cleaning is essential in keeping this most priceless appliance running in tip-top shape.

The blog Tidy Mom has written a great tutorial on exactly what is necessary in proper cleaning and care to maintain your dishwasher.  She gives great and detailed instructions on the parts that need to be cleaned and even shares what she has found to be the best things to clean it with.

Read her post here: How To Clean a Dishwasher


  1. Becky PS says

    I’m terrified to even begin on the dishwasher here. We rent, just moved in April 1 and the dishwasher doesn’t do a very good job. The folks before us “destroyed” the house so there’s no telling what is in there.

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