Crafterminds: Networking for Crafty Bloggers

Crafterminds: Networking for Crafty BloggersEver felt all alone in the craft blogging world? I do… daily. I live in a rural community. When you mention blogging to someone around here, their eyes glaze over and you lose them immediately. They don’t get it. Aside from the hundreds of friends I have inside this little laptop of mine, I have no one “in real life” to talk to about blogging, networking, and working with like minded creative people. That’s where Crafterminds comes in to play. If you’ve been looking for a great way to connect with other crafty bloggers, you need to check out this site.

Heather Mann, who you probably know from Dollar Store Crafts and all her other cool ventures, is the founder of Craterminds and works closely on it with Amy Anderson, who you’ll recognize from Mod Podge Rocks!. I was chatting with Heather one day and asked her about the site and what it’s all about. In a nut shell, Heather says that Crafterminds is a free “resource for craft bloggers” and a great way to interact with like minded individuals to help you grow your craft business or blog.

The website is easy to navigate and has several resources available, including photography tips, advice on promoting your blog, design ideas, and plenty more. Looking for tips on podcasting or creating videos? Check. How about creating great looking backgrounds for your photo shoots? Check. Maybe you’re looking for some advice on building out your Facebook fan page.. check! You’ll find these resources and a growing variety of others in the blogging resources section.

The site also offers a Blog Frog online community where you can talk with other bloggers and get to know people like yourself. However, the real star of the show here is the weekly Crafterminds twitter chat. These chats take place every Monday and are open to anyone who wants to read along or participate. All you have to do is follow Crafterminds on Twitter, then join in the chat on any given Monday at 1:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Eastern) and use the hashtag #crafterminds. You can find out the theme for the current chat by visiting the website and viewing the schedule on the right sidebar. Can’t attend due to work or other commitments? No problem, just browse the twitter chat transcripts here from previous Monday chats.

Not totally convinced yet? Here are some of the upcoming chat topics to show you what you could be missing!

  • 10/31 – How to get paid to be a blogger
  • 11/7 – Writing a Book with Marie LeBaron
  • 11/14 – Your 2012 Goals
  • 11/21 – Maximize your social media presence when you have minimal time

When I asked Heather what one message she wanted to share with all of you and what was the best way for a new member (membership is free) to jump in she said “The best way to participate is to come to one of our twitter chats because you can interact with like minded bloggers. There you’ll get live feedback and answers to your questions.” Heathers says that while there is a topic for the chats each week, there is sometimes an open forum as well. So if you have questions, be sure to have them at the ready!

–>> Visit the website | Like on Facebook | Follow on Twitter

Be sure to check out all of Heather’s ventures – she is the creative brain behind the Dollar Media Network which includes her websites Dollar Store Crafts, Dollar Store Mom, Decor Hacks, Craft Fail and Get a Little Creative. Amy Anderson is the owner of Mod Podge Rocks!. Both ladies are pretty dang cool in my book. 😉


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    When I read that first paragraph I felt like I could have written it myself. At least the first few sentences at least. I’m heading over to Crafterminds now. :0)

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    In the brief time I have been following Crafterminds, I have found the articles informative as well as entertaining! Thank you for this site- from a blogger who reads alot and doesn’t have much experience!

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    Thanks for this link – sounds amazing! Off to check it out!

    And just so you know … you are not alone with feeling lonely in regard to blogging or even crafting. I know noone in real life who would understand if I would start talking about my blog(s), my ideas, my crafts … sometimes I wonder how my husband puts up with it …



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