Crafts Using Leftover Egg Shells

Crafts Using Leftover Egg ShellsNow that Easter is here you’re undoubtedly going to have several colored egg shells gracing your compost bin. That’s certainly a great way to dispose of them, but before you ditch them all, check out some of these fun projects, something for every age group.

Egg Shell Pendants – a video tutorial shows how to make beautiful jewelry using egg shells (Beyond Bracelets)
Abstract Art – Kids will love creating all sorts of art using colored shell pieces (Creative Jewish Mom)
Egg Shell Mosaic Vase – make a pretty vase, perhaps for Mother’s Day, using leftover colored shells (Crafts by Amanda)
Eggshell Mosaic Pictures – kids will love creating fun pictures using leftover shells (Free Kids Crafts)

Too many shells, not enough craft projects? There are plenty of other ways that leftover shells can be recycled. The Daily Green has several ideas, and Squidoo has a rather intensive post on the many different uses for eggshells! Happy Easter!

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