Displaying Hipstamatic Prints

Displaying Hipstamatic PrintsIf you are still in the cell phone Jurassic period like I am, then you may not have heard of the iPhone app for taking Hipstamatic pictures. Even more so, if you’re like me (please say there are more like me!) you hadn’t even heard the word “hipstamatic” until today. According to AppAdvice, the Hipstamatic “was meant to be an affordable and simple film camera back in the 80s, but it never made it to market”. So now, there’s an app for that. :)

Apartment Therapy shares this beautiful way to display all those Hipstamatic prints (among others in their Hipstamatic round up) in this enormous wall frame. Check out all the features at Apartment Therapy — Displaying Your Hipstamatic Prints at Home | Apartment Therapy San Francisco. Found via Pinterest.

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