DIY Canned Food Dispenser


What a clever use of space to create an organizational system for your cans!

Got too many cans? Then create this functional rotating, dispenser for them in your pantry. Requires a little DIY, but it doesn’t look so difficult and even the most novice of handyman or woman can make it.

Get all the details for this nifty space saver here at lacquerandlace-vintage: DIY Canned Food Dispenser.


  1. Eva says

    The link says the blog has been removed. Disappointed this is something we could really use! Help! Any idea what it is made from??

  2. marina says

    If you had done 8 horizontal shelves of the same depth as those shown in that space rather than the vertical dispenser racks, you would have saved lumber, had room to store approximately 50 additional cans of the size shown, and maintained the option of placing cans of different sizes in that area in the future. I’m not a prepper, so maybe you have reasons I haven’t thought of for setting the storage up that way. Overall you look super organized and ready for whatever!

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