Duct Tape Purse and Wallet

One of the neighbor kids makes duct tape wallets. She’s 11 years old, goes to school with my youngest son, and makes them in all different colors and different types. Trifolds. Bifolds. Some with picture holders, some without. They are really cool. One day she came over to our house to give my son the wallet she made for him. I asked her if she would sit down and make one in front of me so I could take step by step photos and put them on my blog. She did, what a sport!

Tonight I was out browsing around, reading my RSS feeds, etc, and I came across Brooke’s tutorial for duct tape purses. Wait until you see all the designs and colors, so cool! So I thought I’d share them both with you. Enjoy!

How to make a duct tape wallet || How to make a duct tape purse


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