Etsy Stalking: Crazy for Cranberry

Last Friday I did a post called “Etsy Stalking: Kitchen Goodies” where I shared some delicious finds after browsing Etsy using the simple keyword of “kitchen”. I then grabbed 9 of my favorites and featured them. That post proved to be pretty popular, so I thought I’d do it again, only this time my keyword of choice was “cranberry”… you know, because of the holiday. :)

1. Cranberry Freshwater Pearl Cascade Dangle Earrings
2. Cranberry Red Damask Stocking
3. Cranberry Red Urban Newsboy Hat
4. Cranberry Crocheted Bolero Jacket
5. Vintage Bracelet made with Cluster Earrings
6. Personalized Red Snowflake Tile Coasters
7. Cranberry Peppermint Goat Milk Soap
8. Crochet Baby Ankle Booties in Cranberry Red
9. Cranberry Bag

More Etsy items I spotted:

10. Cranberry Garland
11. Gretchen Squiddle
12. Cranberry Fig Sugar Scrub Cubes
13. Cranberry Wreath

More cranberry goodies from Etsy and some fun cranberry ideas from the Craft Gossip archives.



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