Giveaway: DecoArt prize package #2!

In honor of National Craft Month, the wonderful folks at DecoArt have offered this fun prize package to one lucky reader! This prize package includes:

2 8-oz bottles of Americana paint
8 oz bottle of Weathered Wood crackle medium
8 oz bottle of Glazing Medium

Simply leave a comment on this post and tell us which DecoArt products are your favorites, and which ones you are dying to try! Tell us all about it before March 30th at midnight CST!

As much as we would love to include our Canadian and international friends I’m afraid this giveaway is restricted to those with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside of the U.S. but have an address within the U.S. that we can ship to then you’re in! Otherwise, we truly apologize. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be randomly selected on March 31st and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with their shipping address, otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn. Good luck!

Please note, all prizes will be shipped at the conclusion of our National Craft Month celebration. Winners should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery after April 1, 2011.


  1. susan says

    Oh my I’d jump up&down&wreck what’s left of my right knee to win this pack! I have used,and love, the glaze medium,but I am probly the only crafter who’s never crackld anything! And I lovelovelove acrylic paint–so many projects so little energy (arthur itis& larry lupus) I have the old window from my little girl bedroom that was replaced,and I so want to paint it &backlight it. THIS IS ALL I NEED to git’er done! Oh my….literally praying for this-think wud make folks smile, daddy’s facing dialysis&kidney failure@88, and all I want to do is make them happy. That window oughta do it! πŸ˜€

  2. Glenda M says

    I’d love to try some of their newer ones. I have a few old ones and would love to replace them. Paint is something I use a lot of.
    Great giveaway, thanks.

  3. Sandrasandra says

    I would be happy to win this deco Art package!!!! Me and my son are painting a lot, therefore we would be proud when we will the one which win it.

  4. Ashley says

    This is a great giveaway. I use the paint all the time and LOVE it! I have never used the crackle and would love to get my paws on that stuff! :)

  5. Diane Broach says

    The weathered paint is the one i would look forward to getting.. Thanks for thr chaance to win this most excellent prize.

  6. MJ says

    I love their paints. Would love to try their glazes and crackle medium. I have an old pallet that is destined to make a couple of signs – the first being a ‘fresh eggs’ sign for the farmers market. I need to make it look old and weathered – this package would do the trick. Thanks for the give-away!

  7. Rosalyn says

    I got the most gorgous dresser delivered yesterday for my bedroom…unfortunatly it does not go with my white painted headboard.
    I have a beautiful picture in the room called “Goddess of Prosperity” which gives me the inspiration to repaint the headboard…now what color…I would love to use the glazes to do the headboard and since I have gone past my decorating budget, I would be so thrilled to win these products…wow!

  8. shelly says

    Hmmm I think the weathered paint sounds intreging. I’ve used the regular paint before. Nice and creamy to work with.

  9. K Kelly says

    I love the Americana paints, but would love to try the crackle. My friends and I work on many crafts for a local church fair and this would be a wonderful prize to win.

  10. Lisa C says

    I love using Patio Paints on terra cotta pots & outside wood stuff. They are awesome & I’ve been using them for years. I would really love to try the Crackle Medium & Glazing Medium. These products would take me to the next level & I would love to try.

  11. says

    I love using the regular acrylics on all of my plaster projects I do for Christmas time. The coverage is outstanding and the variety of color is unbelievable. I have never used crackle medium and would love to try that out. Thanks so much for the chance! Take care!

  12. says

    I have used their paints and they are nice and smooth to work with.
    I have used a different crackle brand, but would love to try theirs, they are fun to age products with.


  13. Awilda says

    Wow I’ve used the paints for painting peg dolls, glass and terracotta. My children use it for the school science projects. I’d love to try using the weathered wood crackle for projects! How fun!! Thanks for the chance to win one! ~Awilda

  14. Beth Love says

    Another great giveaway. Would love to try the crackle paint, have never tried it and have the perfect window sitting in the basement just waiting to be used in a project.

  15. Becky Green says

    What WONDERFUL goodies you’re giving away!!!!! I like decoupage! And I’d LOVE to try your snow products!!!! I could REALLY come up with some great Christmas projects with that!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for the giveaway!!! :)

  16. Nichia says

    I would love to try the crackle paint! I’ve seen it used so many times, it hard to believe I’ve never done it myself.

  17. Jeanne says

    I love all the DecoArt paints–always a great color to work with. I’d like to try the paint for metal. Thanks!

  18. Rosie says

    I would love to try the crackle paint! I love how that looks!! I am a huge crafter and love trying new products!! I would love to win and try out this fab new brand!!

  19. says

    I love the large variety of colors of the paint, but I’m really wanting to try the weathered wood on some picture frames for my nautical area =)

  20. Mosaic Magpie says

    3D glass writers would be great to try! I love the gallery glass and the 3D writers would be a great addition to them.

  21. amy in ne says

    The acrylic paints are used frequently in my house and I would love to try some of their other products!

  22. Pat K says

    I do quite a lot of painting and I love DecoArt Americana paints!! Could always use more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. says

    I love using the paints for all of my craft projects! The Weathered Wood is one I have never seen or tried and it sounds right up my alley for all of my home decor! So cool!

  24. Jacque says

    I love these paints and would love to try something new. I’ll cross my fingers for myself that I’ll win. Love this site.

  25. Patti Harris says

    After a too LONG absence from crafting I am finally getting back to crafting as a form of stress relief. I have used DecoArt paints in the past but have never tried the Weathered Wood or the Crackle Paint. Would Love, Love to try these out. Hopefully the ‘randomizer’ will pick my name – lol.

  26. Jeanne Clarke says

    I would like to try the entire range- what I would be able to achieve would be beyond my wildest dreams

  27. Donna says

    I would love to receive this package. I already love the glaze; however, I have never used crackle on anything, so I would love to try that. I guess I’ve always been afraid I would mess up something if I used crackle but hey … there’s a first time for everything, right? Love this website. Love this paint. And would love to win the package.

  28. Audra says

    I have never used the DecoArt products brand before, but one quick look at the website and I know that I’d like to try the “AMERICANA CANVAS GEL” right off the bat. Thanks for the chance to win something new to try!

  29. mandy says

    I am getting into recycle ‘crafting’…taking old picture frames and turning them into NEW and great pieces. This would be great to help me in that new venture!

  30. says

    Being 21 and new to the world of crafting I am really eager to try both the crackle stuff and the glaze. Painting is one thing I have done for a while. No one had to teach me, now me and my sewing machine, that is a different story. It has not come quite as naturally.

  31. says

    I love DecoArts acrylic paints – I probably use them on more surfaces than I should! I’ve eyed the glaze medium in the store a couple of times, so would be excited to give it a try!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. says

    I’d love to try them all. Especially through weathered one. I’m doing craft projects with kids and adults, so this will be a welcomed addition.

  33. Cindi says

    I like aging things that I create.
    The Crackle Mediums are two of my
    favorite items by Decoart…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  34. mariana gray says

    I love the Americana paint, but I have never used crackle or glazing medium. I’m already thinking of new things to try them on!

  35. Ila East says

    Sorry to say that I don’t ever remember using this brand of paint. I have never tried any paint to weather wood and I would love to try it as well as all the other types. Thanks for the opportunity to win these.

  36. Jane T in NW Louisiana says

    So much goodness with all of this giveaway. I have tried the acrylics and would like to try anything that glitters.

  37. Christy Petrosky says

    My fave decoart product is definitely decoupag but I have really been itching to try the glass stains in different colors.

  38. sue snowden says

    Would love to try them all ! Just getting back into crafting and need to use some of the new things out now.

  39. Cristin Johnson says

    Would LOVE! I would use this on my hairbow holders that have been sitting in the closet because I need more paint! ha ha

  40. Teri "Terrific" says

    I like the acrylics, but am anxious to try some different things with the crackle medium and the glazing medium.
    Thank you for offering this candy πŸ˜€

  41. says

    I currently use a range of colors in Americana paints, and love them. I’m eager to try the crackle medium, and to upgrade from the 2 oz bottles I have a huge collection of. :)

  42. Brian S. says

    I really like the weathered wood finish. I have yet to use it, and have stuck to the poor mans version of painting over wet elmers glue.

  43. Teri says

    I would love to win a package like this. so much can be done with all of this. the projects are countless.

  44. Jan says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this paints! I have used this brand before, on some birdhouses, they really looked great?

  45. Ruth says

    I wake up early to do crafts! I would wake up even earlier to start a project with DecoArt!!I would have so much fun with this package that I would start my girls in on the projects possible to decorate their rooms!!! WOW!!!! The fun I would have on home decor!!!

  46. Artt says

    I’ve used most of the products and love them but I really like the gel stains and would LOVE to try Texture Fierro, I think that’s the only one I haven’t tried!

  47. Debbie Painter says

    I have long loved all of your paints! It would be awesome to win this pack, as I would love to try the weathered wood! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    debpaint16 @ aol . com

  48. CraftyLinda says

    I have used the deco art paint for years and I love it. It flow on so nicely and covers good. I would like to try the Weathered Wood crackle medium. Oh I love the glaze I use it with my polymer clay.

  49. vicki says

    I love DA products and use them all the time in my woodcrafting!! I’m always on the lookout for new products so I guess all of them are my favorite. But if you make me chose I’d say the crackle medium is my favorite!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  50. Hayley says

    I’ve never tried anything by them, BUT I just bought a few canvases and would love some new paint to help me(: Ahah.

  51. says

    The paint is creamy and very color true. I use it all the time. I paint windows , I paint furniture and murals, signs and ceramics…wood items, oh I paint everything I can, including canvas. I have lots of favorite colors. I love the deep dark greens, and, asphaltum is so yummy, I could eat it. Love the colors, the red stays red all Christmas season. I really could go on. I use a lot of butter. I use all the colors, and usually buy the large size in multiples. Keep up the great work, Americana.

  52. Julie says

    I’m new to crafting of all sorts. I’m excited to try out the acrylic paints. I saw some great projects I can’t wait to get my hands on.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  53. MJ Stanbro says

    This gift package would make a great addition to my decorative painting supplies! I use DecoArt products exclusively for my painting projects!!

  54. Irene says

    I love DecoArt products and especially Americana Acrylics and have used them for many years with all the different projects I design. My husband and I make characters out of gourds. He designs the gourds using 5 to 8 gourds and then I use Americana acrylic paints making our characters represent all ways of life. I also make jewely, bird houses, etc. out of gourds and using American Acrylic paints, sprays, etc. The DecoArt products are the best of all acrylics and sprays on the market.

  55. Tatiana F. says

    I would love to try out some of their textile stencils. Specifically Art Nouveau Medallions! Thanks!

  56. Patricia Gagalis says

    I would love to win this I have three things I need to refinish right now. One of them is a wooden toy box my father made when I was a little girl. I have moved it from place to place over the years as my daughter wanted to keep it for sentimental value. It would mean alot as my father is not well.

  57. says

    I use the Americana paints already for my mini wood craft projects & on some of my scrapbooking embellishments. I would love to try the Weathered Wood crackle medium. What a great prize..

  58. Stephanie S says

    I love their stencil paint. It’s thicker than other paints and turns out great. I’d love to get some of their books. They look like they have some good ones.

  59. Teri says

    I love wood crackle and I would love to try the glaze to see how it works I love to paint wood different colors and make them fun


  60. Lynette Smith says

    As a tole painter I love the Americana acrylic paints. It’s the closest to oil paint in a water based formula. I love the sealer too….

  61. says

    I use an assortment of these paints already and love to send care packages full of them to my nieces in Alaska to get them through winter. I’d love to try the crackle paint on some Holiday crafts this year!

  62. says

    I particular like the metallic paints effects. I have not used the crackle or glazing and would love to try those; the glazing esp. for polymer clay pieces :)

  63. Michelle T says

    I like Magikote…great for kids projects! Gloss enamels look interesting, I would love to try them.

  64. Pam Lucas says

    I love painting. I work a lot with fun frames and I could really use the Weathered Wood crackle medium. I have used the paints before and would be tickled and honored to win this package

  65. Chel says

    I love DecoArt! I have used their Americana Acrylic paints for years. What I would love to try is their “Sandstone” product. Every time I go to buy it at Michael’s, it’s dried up. It would look so neat on my dollhouse projects! Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. cindy szal says

    I had to repaint a wooden horse that i had gotten when I had my daughter..She is having a boy and I wanted it blue not pink. It took one coat and just alittle touch up to cover it. It cut my time down alot.

  67. Nadine Willoughby says

    Oh I could use that paint for so many things. Most of the crafts that I have been doing need some color now. This would would work perfectly.

  68. says

    I just love the paints- all those beautiful rich colors! I would love to try the Weathered Wood product; I’m betting it would make some incredibly beautiful distressed pieces!

  69. brandi says

    pick me pick me!! i’d love to try the weathered wood crackle, my sister and i have an old desk that we’re trying to figure out something to do with….

  70. Mary Coleman says

    I love these paints and have been using them for years….they stay stored pretty well too. I want to try a piece this time that is crackled. Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  71. Shaundra Bevins says

    I really like the crackle medium on furniture & picture frames. I would like to try your brand of glazing. Hopefully Im the lucky winner!

  72. says

    I don’t know how I missed this giveaway before tonight, but looks as though I’m here just in the nic-o’-time! πŸ˜€ I love using the acrylic paints for our repurposed/recycled “prim” wood crafts, and would LOVE to get my hands on the Weathered Wood Crackle Medium, since I’ve never tried crackling yet! Oh, and the Glazing Medium is another “never tried before” that I’ve truly wanted to give a go! Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes to all! :)

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