Giveaway: 6 pack Krylon spray paint 3!

I know your loving National Craft Month so far! Here’s our third giveaway pack from our friends at Krylon. We are giving away a total of FOUR 6-packs of their fabulous spray paint with a new winner each week. This week, we are giving away the third of the four gift packs.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post telling me either what type of Krylon paint you’ve been itching to try, or tell me your favorite Krylon paint. Tell us all about it before March 24th at midnight CST!

As much as we would love to include our Canadian and international friends I’m afraid this giveaway is restricted to those with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside of the U.S. but have an address within the U.S. that we can ship to then you’re in! Otherwise, we truly apologize. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be randomly selected on March 25th and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with their shipping address, otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn. Winner will be provided with a catalog and allowed to choose 6 favorites. Prizes will be shipped at the conclusion of our National Craft Month celebration (early April). Good luck!


  1. stephanie says

    i’m itching to just try using krylon for furniture refinishing. i’ve read/seen so many blogs about wonderful redos that i’m dying to have a go at it.

  2. Paulette Ricardo says

    I have been dying to try the chalkboard paint and stained glass! Last summer I “redid” our backyard on a tight budget with the help of Walmart and Krylon! Looks FAB! I bought two “triggers” and was working double-spray-duty on anything that would stay still!

  3. Cher says

    I want to try the chalkboard paint. I can see myself painting everything that doesn’t run away on its own. I’ve tried painting the dogs before, but it didn’t turn out that well. The kids on the other hand are a different story.

  4. says

    I’ve been wanting to try the chalkboard spray. Sounds great!! Of course, there are several others on my list too. Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity.

    Have a God Filled Day

  5. Victoria Miller says

    I would love to try them all but I def want to try the chalkboard paint. I’m a big crafty person and I’m also a preschool teacher so either way I can use that chalkboard paint :) thanks for the opportunity :)

  6. Marty says

    Our family has use many of the in door/out door
    can paints. On our patio furniture,etc. My son even use Krylon when he painted his truck last summer. Did a great job! So you can see Your Paint sure gets a work out here during the spring/summer months.Oh yes,my hubby painted the bumper on his truck…

  7. Glenda M says

    Oh, I would love to try the stone and the stained glass. We use Krylon a lot and this would be great for my antique tricycle.
    I’d love to win it.

  8. susan says

    I lovelovelove their clear acrylic sealer,been using for yrs for everything! Wud love to try the “paints anything” and stained glass & chalkboard! I think I am the only craftr that hasnt painted my own chalkbd yet ! 😀

  9. Beth Love says

    Ooooh I am like the little kid in the back of the room with my arm raised high …. pick me … pick me … pick me! New to this site, would love to try all of them especially the pearl and make it stone.

  10. Kimberly says

    In the past week I’ve spray-painted 2 lamps with Krylon paint. One color was a light aqua (not sure the name of the color); the other was a cream color. Great coverage!! only needed one coat.

  11. Kelly Sas says

    In the past I love and have used lots of Krylon Stone. I faux stone so many things for our new home we built. But now I would really like to use the Chalkboard. I want to make items for our grandson’s rooms and home deco items for friends and family.

  12. Shanna says

    I used Krylon to freshen up a patio set I found for cheap on Craigslist last summer. Someone previously had painted it black and didn’t use primer so it was peeling and aweful. I scraped and sanded and primed and painted it finally with Keylime. It looks so cute on our new tan patio against the tan bricks of our house. My parents think I am nuts with all my different colors out there but hey, tan is boring all by itself.
    I can’t wait for spray paint season/weather to get here this year. I have a plan for some projects and would love to use the Aqua/blue pallet this year. Last year was greens and purples. 😉

  13. Dennis says

    I love the stone. One time I went through the house turning lamps and metal shelves into stone, it turned out really great. The one I want to try now is the one for plastic. Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. Laura says

    Of course, chalkboard paint would come in handy for crafters everywhere. It’s the shear idea of being able to write anywhere and then erase it that is intriguing.

    Paper finishes- scrapbookers dream. It would work wonders for cards as well as stamping projects.

    And spray stain sounds like the coolest thing ever.

    I also really like the granite looking stuff because it adds texture and appeal to outdoor products. :)

  15. Carol Myers says

    Oh, where do I start! Stained glass,stone, chalk board paint and the (beat) list goes on!!! Oh yea, GOLD!!!!! I am a spray paint fanatic!

  16. amy in ne says

    Pick a favorite Krylon?????? Not sure I can :) My daughter and I were just discussing the crackle this morning. That is the next paint I’ll buy: Krylon crackle!

  17. Paula says

    I would love to use the chalkboard spray I have seen a lot of people using it and I would like to take a try at it.

  18. Mel Pi says

    Ooh, I’d love to try chalkboard or glow in the dark for the kids’ room… But my husband goes thru Krylon paints like crazy for his plastic figure crafting.

  19. Candy says

    Really enjoy your blog. I’ve used the
    chalkboard & stone paints. The glass paint is the one I’d really like to try

  20. Kelley Fogle says

    I would absolutely *love* to try the chalkboard paint! It has been on my list of projects to try for a year! My 10 year old has been diagnosed w/ADD and practices handwriting, math, and spelling on a small store bought chalkboard and whiteboard. These are tools that help her tactile learning style! Thanks!

  21. Coaly says

    Really, any spray paint would be fantastic- its illegal to buy it in my city. I’d like to try the fluorescent for a vase!

  22. says

    I love it all! I mostly just use regular Kylon spray paint. It seems like I’m spray painting something at least once a week. I’m redecorating my 3 year old daughters room right now :)

  23. Deborah says

    I would like to try the magnetic paint and the pearl, they both sound fascinating. Thanks for these great offers.

  24. Cathy Hammond says

    I’ve used the make it stone and absolutely loved it over Rustoleum’s brand since it covered so much better but I would love to try the stained glass paint since I just inherited 4 old windows that I want to repurpose and would love to show you what I’ve done with them when I’m done. I love trash to treasure finds.!!!

  25. Tari says

    i just tried the jade color and it turned out amazing!!!! i would love to try the pearl or the stone. i think they look like alot of fun!

  26. Karen says

    I’m dieing to try the stone spray paint. I want to revamp my front yard fountain that was damaged by some kids pouring a whole bottle of dish soap in it. Fountain works but the dish soap almost bleached the stone :(

  27. Regina says

    I would love to try the chalkboard, the stained glass, and the plastic. I’ve been wanting to get into spray paint for a long time now….just starting to get the time back into my life! haha!!

  28. Bonnie says

    I’ve been wanting to try chalkboard and magnetic….do you think you could paint the magnetic first then the chalkboard and have a magnetic chalkboard. I really want to try it….I think my grandkids would have a blast with a magnetic chalkboard! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  29. Jackie M. says

    My favorite is the Krylon clear spray. I finish off all my wooden projects with it and it shines nice and protects it from the sun. Great stuff.

  30. Ila East says

    So far I have used the Krylon Clear Acrylic Coating and the Fusion paints as far as the specialty paints are concerned.

    I was not aware of all the different craft type paints Krylon has. I would love to try all of them.

  31. Melinda Hileman says

    I love trying out the different types of paint! Faux finishes and the new crafting line are great. Would love to try the whole line!

  32. says

    I LOVE the stone fleck sprays and the webbing sprays, but I’ve been itching to use the chalk board spray and try the glass spray. Don’t ‘cha just LOVE giveaways? Cheers!

  33. Amy says

    I have a short wall that would love to be chalkboard-ized. Also, a super cute word bubble i’ve been meaning to paint. My patio table could use some rust-resistant paint- might as well make it a bright color :) and I’ve seen such cool things in the blogosphere w/matte white paint on found objects!

  34. Kathleen says

    I would love to try out the “stone” finishes as I have a lot of pottery that I had to mend when we moved.

  35. Anne v says

    The magnetic would solve my lack of bulletin board space, and make for an awesome design wall, no more pin marks in my paneling….

  36. ChrisTea says

    I would like to try all of them. I had heard about the Chalkboard, but not the others. Thank you for the chance to win!

  37. Sunny S says

    Neat! I was just thinking of the chalkboard paint the other day, as my partner and I are assembling a message/scheduling center in our apartment. We have a whiteboard and cork board, but I like the look of black chalkboard. Hmm.. it’s a message from the universe!

  38. says

    I literally just saw the stone spray at my local hardware store this morning and thought… “well isn’t that interesting?” i’d love to try!

  39. says

    ok, I didn’t know you have chalkboard paint, I want to try it, it would be awesome to spray paint a chalkboard on my son’s room so he can draw his cartoon characters (his own) and for my daughter to write in important school dates.
    also I want to try the one’s for glass!!!!

  40. says

    I’d love to also try out the chalkboard. That looks like it could be a lot of fun to put on my cupboard to leave messages for the family.

  41. Casey says

    I am dying to try the chalkboard paint. A good friend of mine used it in his apt in New York, and let his friends write all over it. It looked awesome!!!

  42. merry clayton says

    I would love to use the staind glass and chalk board to make cute craft projects for my moms special needs class

  43. Melissa Edwards says

    I have never tried Krylon paint, but am itching at the chance to use it. I recently have began taking up craft projects and would love the chance to try Krylon spray paint.

  44. Pat says

    Love the chalkboard paint on old chargers. Then you can use the chalk markers to write differen messages for different holidays, and instead of name placecards for dinners you can write the names on the chargers with the chalk markers. :)

  45. Elaine Kontra says

    I would love to try the Chalkboard paint. I’ve seen it sold for some time now, but have never tried it before. It would be so cool to have a chalkboard where ever I want it

  46. Carol J says

    love the plastic spray paint as i often redo rocking horses or i make them into room decor as a carrose worse however i also use a lot of paint to paint on wood as my base and pole are wood as are the yard and door signs i make

  47. Carol J says

    love the plastic paint as i often redo rocking horses or make them into room decor i also use a lot of wood paint as i do yard and door signs

  48. judy says

    thanks to all of these wonderful, crafty blog ladies i just discovered spray paint so i have found a mound of crap at goodwill that’s ready to be beautified!! yaaaaay!!!

  49. says

    I love their spray matte finish and use the Fusion for Plastics all the time – so I know I’d find lots of uses for a can of Chalkboard paint !

    Thanks !

  50. Cathie (a.k.a. Mammy) says

    I am a wannabe crafter…always picking up bits and pieces of “cool stuff” for my “someday” stash. Would love to try the chalkboard, magnetic and plastic paints for use in my great-grandchildren’s rooms. I hope I win!! Thank you….

  51. Kay says

    I’ve looked for the stained glass paint locally. I would love to try it on some clear glass items I have.

  52. Sarah C says

    Oooh, I would love to try the stained glass paint! I have been considering trying it on the glass panes on the door to the garage.

  53. says

    I love Krylon paints!I love the Plastic paints and the Rust paints. They help me with tons of outdoor projects. I would love to try the chalkboard paint though. I think I could make some neat gifts for my grandkids with it.

  54. Melissa says

    I can’t wait to try the Krylon Glass Frosting spray paint. I bought a bunch of small vases from the dollar store, and can’t wait to add some frosted designs to them!

  55. Carol Douglass says

    Wow, what a great selection of paint, I had no idea that they made so many different paints for different applications. There are lots of things I could do with this prize pack.

  56. says

    I love Krylon for my pots and garden items. I’d like to try the chalkboard Krylon too.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway! Linda, MidwestieLady on Etsy and ArtFire

  57. says

    I recently came across the perfect project to try the Make it Stone! paint on: I “inherited” a kitschy plastic sewing box that is supposed to look like carved wood – I think it would look even better as a carved “stone” chest!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Toya Charles says

    My favorite Krylon is the “stone” paint. I have used it on pots, lamps, etc. I really want to try the Chalkboard paint though.

  59. Mary M says

    I’d LOVE to try their mirror finish paint. I’ve seen some cute shaped mirrors that I think would replicate nicely with MDF and mirror spray.

  60. Evelene Sterling says

    My favorite is the stained glass paint and I would love to try the chalkboard paint. bimbi9atverizondotnet

  61. Anne says

    I love the variety of colors Krylon carries. I’ve been wanting to try the Fusion kind that stays on plastic. I hope it lives up to it’s claim. Can you see custom colored outdoor kids toys. How cool!

  62. says

    i make custom sports figures as a hobby. they are for myself and for others as well at their requests. i fly through can after can of the krylon crystal clear spray. i would love to have more of it as it is around $12 a can near me.

  63. says

    When I was in college, I painted a pressboard bookshelf using the spray-on speckle texture paint. It took like 4 cans so ended up costing more than a “real” bookshelf!

  64. Jamie says

    I just spray painted a fabulously ornate mirror in hot pink for my daughter, and I LOVED it! I would have never believed how simply or how well it would go on. I’m totally addicted now and want to spray paint everything! Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Tammy says

    I’d love the Fusion ones in bright colors to update some plastic lawn chairs. I want to surprise some awesome neighbors with “new chairs” so they can then enjoy the great outdoors. :-)

  66. deb long says

    I am wanting to redo some flower pots in the “stone” look. I have some extra…I would like to fill them and donate them to the local humane society (just to add some color).

  67. says

    I would love to win the krylon paint I could re-do my lamps it has been 10 years since I sprayed them with the krylon paint they are really due to be done again.

  68. BEtty Jo says

    I would love to try the chalk board paint !!!! It would be fun to use in my class room and for 4H projects!!! ANy of them would be great!!!

  69. Audra says

    I’ve never used the pearl line of paints and would like to use them, however I am so curious to the the stained glass paints!! Thanks soo much!

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