Giveaway: Gorilla Glue 2!

In honor of National Craft Month, our friends at Gorilla Glue have offered another fun prize pack! This great prize package includes original Gorilla Glue, super glue, their dries white formula, epoxy glue, wood glue, Gorilla tape and a fun Gorilla Glue t-shirt!

Simply leave a comment on this post and tell us how you have used Gorilla Glue in the past or how you plan to use it! You’ll be amazed at how many projects you’ll use these glues on and how well they hold up. Leave your comment before March 26th at midnight CST!

In case you missed these in the first giveaway, here are some ideas for using Gorilla Glue. I made this Wooden Letter Family Sign using Gorilla Glue’s super glue to attach the hanger and the letters to the sign. I used the dries white formula to make this milk glass cake plate. Gail from My Repurposed Life used Gorilla Glue wood glue to repair an old veneer headboard. She also used original Gorilla Glue and Gorilla tape in making this subway art for her aunt. Once you start using Gorilla Glue, there will be no stopping you! :)


As much as we would love to include our Canadian and international friends I’m afraid this giveaway is restricted to those with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside of the U.S. but have an address within the U.S. that we can ship to then you’re in! Otherwise, we truly apologize. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be randomly selected on March 27th and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with their shipping address, otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn. Good luck!

Be sure to check out our section for National Craft Month for other great ideas, tutorials and fun!


  1. Syd says

    I love Gorilla Glue. I’ve used it on several projects. I plan on making some bookshelves and the glue would sure come in handy. Thanks!!

  2. Samantha Russo says

    I have a vintage dollhouse, a 3 story huge victorian from 1977, that holds dear memories for me from my childhood, which I am passing down to my daughter. :)

    I am in the process of reassembling it. I am so proud of doing this and GORILLA GLUE is right next to me… It is my only helper in this project. I am so grateful. LOVE Gorilla glue. Thank you, Ali’s mom from FL

  3. says

    just the other day, hubby knocked a handmade dish off a coworkers desk by mistake, a treasure from his lil son. I glued the numerous pieces back together.

  4. says

    I am using Gorilla Glue right now to construct “instruments” for my daughter’s “The Little Mermaid” musical for her Musical Theater group. Those babies are not coming undone on or off stage!

  5. Jennifer Cheek-Payan says

    I’ve always heard good things about Gorilla Glue but have been committed to another brand for most of my needs. I would love the chance to try this product to see if it’s better than what I think I’m happy with. Thank you for the chance to win!

  6. susan says

    LOVElovelove gorilla glue! Have used to fix antique veneers (peeling), small wood projects, and the crazy-type for finer pieces,like china &glassware. LOVE THE STUFF! :) Hope dont need it soon,but have some vintage milk glass&nice to know it wud work well on that. Heck,have some old white ceramic lamps I should give a “physical”-bet there are some places cud use there. REALLY want to win this…-s-

  7. Carol Douglass says

    How wouldn’t I use it is the real question. I am a crafter and my husband is a do-it your selfer, all of the products would be put to great use.

  8. hali says

    I love gorilla glue. I use it for all sorts of craft projects from gluing glass beads to glasses to repairing pottery. Is love to have an array of gorilla glued to try

  9. bridget says

    I helped a neighbor re-do his convertible, roof top with Gorilla Glue tape. Someone wanted to get inside to see what they could steal. Silly people the car was unlocked.

  10. Amanda D. says

    I love Gorilla glue! I’ve used it for everything, most unique application was probably when I used it to reattach my boot sole. 3 months later it’s still going strong. Would love to win, thanks so much for the chance!

  11. Karen Huber says

    I love Gorilla Glue. I’ve used it on broken dishes, cups, and library books. This would be a great glue to use on my metal jewelry pieces that I make.

  12. Merry Jo says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win Gorilla Glue. I have mainly used it to reglue wood pieces while redo-ing furniture.

  13. Monica says

    I love Gorilla glue and tell everyone I know how great it is! I recently used it to make pedestal bowls out of a crystal bowl and candlestick, to use on a candy buffet.

  14. Candra says

    I have used the gorilla tape to repair a shower curtain. The place where you insert the rings on the curtain had been riped through so I placed the tape over that spot and used a hole punch to make a new hole in the tape. I plced the ring through the fixed hole and it works like a charm.
    Great stuff

  15. says

    I use it to fix all kinds of things! Now that the weather is warming up we are getting ready to use it to put the rubber molding back around the hatch and doors in my daughter’s car!

  16. Karen Norris says

    I have used Gorilla glue for a long time when I was doing wholesale with my business Serious Whimsy. I did woodcarving and needed it for a lot of things. I would love to try some of their new products. I would love the chance to win. Thanks!

  17. Beverly says

    Plan on using Gorilla Glue on a craft project that requires glueing glass ashtrays together. Would love to win this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Susan says

    We use Gorilla Glue to attach tread to our
    competitive robot’s wheels so that we have better traction on the playing field. It recently held up for thirteen very aggressive rounds and still is going strong! It’s not just for stationary objects!

    My high school students would be thrilled to win this package!

  19. Elizabeth N says

    gorilla glue is our go to glue around the house. My husband has used it on equipment and we have both used it to repair household items. I have used it in the craft room to bond broken plastic storage items. Love it! Would like to work with the tape!

  20. Sharon R Lowery says

    I love Gorilla Glue! It saved my sanity! I haven’t used it for a crafting project yet but I will use it instead of other products from now on. Our flag on our front porch was constantly getting whipped out of it’s poles and would end up on the ground which is a big NO NO in our family, and country. So I glued the two ends of the pole together with Gorilla Glue! We have had two tornado like storms since then and the flag hasn’t been moved! Thank you Gorilla Glue!

  21. Linda says

    My granddaughters can’t afford to go to summer camp this year, so we are having Camp Nopa at our house. I can use all the tools I can get and Gorilla Glue will work for a number of crafts. (Nopa stands for our nicknames, Nola and Papa Spike)

  22. Sandy says

    Have used it to repair a beer stein that fell and had the handle broken off — it is strong enough to continue to use it!

  23. Nancy H says

    I love Gorilla Glue and I definitely would love to win some! I used Gorilla Glue this past week to glue a china cup and saucer to a copper pipe to make a bird feeder.

  24. adrienne z says

    I LOVE Gorilla Glue! I’ve used this in the past on many things just to glue around the house! Things that were broken, falling apart, needed putting back together, etc. It is seriously the strongest glue on the planet and I need to win some because I don’t have any anymore!!! Thanks for the chance!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  25. Greta says

    What haven’t i used it on?? My first use was on repairing some ancient chairs (80+ years old) that have been in the family for years. I’ve used it on repairing aqua barbells, I’ve repaired some chipped planters (plastic AND ceramic) that were damaged last year in a tornado, fixing some of the crafts that are family heirlooms, making decorations (christmas, wedding favors, and halloween decor). I’ve done more then that but thats all i can remember right now.

  26. Roxanna Smith says

    The most unique way I’ve used Gorilla Glue was to re-affix my Dad’s rubber sole to his leather shoe! It held for about 6 months until the shoe finally wore out….. I would love the chance to try the different forms of this product …. I’ve just used the original Gorilla Glue.

  27. Trina S says

    Oh So many things I could repair and create! Wobbly chair that’s driving me nuts, piece of corner molding that has been re-glued several times to no avail, wallpaper, the list goes on! Thanks for the opportunity to win some Gorilla glue!

  28. serena says

    can;t think of anything specifically(hey i jsut woke up) but i’m sure i could find TONS uses for this awesome stuff!

  29. ga447 says

    I need this glue because I do cross stitching and we glue magnets on our projects so we can put if on the refrigerator, glue on material comes in handy + I would share w/DH.

  30. Gail says

    My husband uses Gorilla Glue in his woodworking all the time. He loves how it works. When the sole came off my wool felt clogs, he used it to repair them for me. They have been good as new for at least 6 months. We love the stuff!

  31. Shelly E. says

    Oh I do all kinds of crafts and I’m sure I have a few borken peices of furniture, and an air pump that needs fixing!

  32. Marilyn Tucker says

    We use gorilla glue on our wood projects. I would love to try the rest of the glues and the tape.

  33. amy in ne says

    I use Gorilla Glue for almost everything! Wood, toys, jewelry, to hold screws tight, eyeglasses…I even glued Easter Eggs closed with it. Gorilla Glue is a staple in my home!

  34. gg says

    My kitten knocked a beautiful jadeite cake plate off the table, breaking the ‘footed’ part off. I would use Gorilla to fix it…the cake plate is very old and very expensive.

  35. MImi Wilborn says

    I have used Gorilla Glue for tons of crafting projects as well as some household fixes – like my lampshade! Can’t ever have enough of the stuff!

  36. Amy L says

    I’ve never tried Gorilla Glue, but I know I can put it to good use, as I have some ornaments, knick-knacks, and other household things which need to be fixed.

  37. says

    I’ve never used Gorilla glue before but I’m sure there must be a million household uses for it and I love to paper craft so I bet there has to be a glue for that. That’s only if my hubby wouldn’t steal it for the garage!

  38. Ricki Duke says

    i haven’t used this yet but I keep seeing it. I would love to give it a try. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Ms. Dawn says

    I used gorilla glue to fix my 13 yr. old rocking chair. One of the spindles had broken and I just wasn’t ready to get rid of the chair that I’d used to rock babies and read to children in. Gorilla glue helped me add a little time to its life, anyway.

  40. michele says

    You can never have too much glue around. There are always so many projects going on at one time in our house. We’d love to win and have you help us “keep things together”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Lorie Frischknecht says

    I haven’t used it yet but have seen it in all the craft stores and grocery stores. I have a piece of veneer which needs to be replaced in front of my bathroom sink. Nothing else has worked yet, so I’m hoping to win in order to try it. Thanks for giving me the chance.

  42. says

    Ooh – I’d love to win this for my lovely husband. He uses Gorilla Glue for LOTS of things – most importantly for fixing “favorite toys” that just broke for the kids!

  43. says

    Well had to fix 2 teacups from Mom’s green plaid set.Those traveled from Canada to USA over 50 yrs ago…Then I know this will sound silly but …I had a lunch date with a friend,my heel broke right off had to wear that pr.Gorilla glue to the rescue…And had a wonderful lunch!

  44. Lois says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use gorilla glue however I am helping my daughter build a couple of benches and if it would help there that would be great. It sounds pretty strong, would love the opportunity to try it. Thanks for the chance.

  45. says

    One of my son’s action figures got dropped outside and got run over. His foot was crunched off. I’m hoping gorilla glue epozy would fix this mis-hap!

  46. Karen J says

    I have a hard time keeping the right glue for the right project on hand, so it would be awesome to have the line of Gorilla glue products. I do all kinds of crafting and projects around the house so I can’t think of something where I wouldn’t use these products!

  47. Nichia says

    Gorilla glue is my go-to super glue for broken mugs, etc. I’m interested in what the other glues do, to!

  48. Diane Broach says

    Gorilla glue is the only kind I purchase, I have even used it on leather shoes that the sole was coming off. It works and is still working, I would highly recommend gorilla glue to anyone it is the best gle around. Many thanks.

  49. Melissa says

    Gorilla Glue seems like it’s amazing. I’ve used it on household items but will start to use it on my repurposed jewelry. Would love to win this basket so I can start!

  50. says

    Probably the most unique thing I’ve done with Gorilla Glue was to glue on the mounting brackets for mini blinds onto our patio doors – I had no desire to drill through metal doors so I glued the brackets to the glass and they’ve done GREAT!

  51. Tammie says

    I have used Gorilla Glue on many projects. My dad introduced me to it! we have used it for many many many wood projects, broken plates, vases, in my general crafting. We use it a lot and LOVE it!! Thank you!!

  52. Patti Keil says

    Saw Gorilla Glue at my local home-improvement store recently; did not purchase it but was intrigued. Now that I have read all these posts, I think a return visit will be put on my “To-Do” list! We moved last fall and I am still finding boxes to unpack and occasionally come across something that needs repair. One thing being a coffee mug my daughter brought my husband from Hawaii-the handle broke off. I’m going to give Gorilla Glue a try! I would really love to win this prize pack. Thanks for the chance! :)

  53. Connie says

    I was reading a jewelry making article where they used two part epoxy over small pictures that were glued on to jewelry findings. It looked great, and the Gorilla Glue two part epoxy looks so easy to use. I would love to try it.

  54. Catie says

    Hi there
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great project
    I have used it to glue the slats back in/onto a chair – I would love to try the other types also

  55. anne v says

    I have used Gorilla Glue in the past to repair untold numbers of Thrift Store and Garage Sale finds, most recently, regluing the legs on the chairs of a small kitchen set I purchased to fit in our downsized home. When I first learned about the glue,I was hesitant when the directions called for wetting, but I know now that it holds so well when used properly.

  56. Dawn says

    I bought modular storage cubes from Michael’s for my craft room and used Gorilla glue to assemble them for added strength. I ca’nt wait to try their Epoxy.

  57. says

    Gorilla Glue is wonderful for holding my jewelry pieces together. I work with leather scraps, old belts, broken jewelry pieces, and found objects. Quite a variety of different materials and one glue does it all.

  58. says

    I love gorilla glue! I have used it on crafty items – recycled tin can ornaments, collages, dioramas; and on around-the-house projects- shelves, wooden and metal containers, fix-it jobs. It’s amazing stuff!

  59. says

    My sister’s husband is bed-ridden, so I decided he could use a bed tray for his meals. I did one stroke painting on a board Gorilla glue…whoot-whoot! Please enter me in this give away. thanks

  60. says

    Gorilla Glue is the best! It’s the only thing I’ve found that’ll work on boot heels (lol, I wear them til they’re dead!).

  61. Diane S. says

    I fixed all the old chairs in my dining room-they were my husbands grandmothers chairs-all falling apart and gorilla glue to the rescue!

  62. says

    Gorilla Glue rocks. I have used it in various forms to do everything from glue a bail to the back of a pendant I made with polymer clay or recycled wood to repairing various glass and ceramic items that I’ve broken.

  63. ChrisTea says

    What would we do without glue? I use it constantly to fix everything! I use it alot in my crafting, too. I’d love to win this package!
    Thank you!!

  64. says

    Love Gorilla Glue, Papi uses it to repair chairs and tables for resale. Sure would love to have this great giveaway. Thanks for sponsor it.

    Have a God Filled Day

  65. Devon says

    Go Gorilla Glue! My husband and I just bought our first house, I can think of projects galore that this glue would help with!

  66. Audra says

    I love Gorilla Glue, I use it on everything but my most resent project is for making magnets! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  67. says

    Come on number generator! I’d love to get my hands on more supplies of Gorilla Glue. I can’t have enough it because it just fixes anything and everything. I just finished a bottle creating my personalized natural boot tray.

  68. Becky Green says

    How HAVE I use Gorilla Glue? Well, I’ve NEVER tried it!!! How WOULD I use it? I’d probably use it with my crafts—& I’m SURE my husband would use it too!! From things around the house to his crafts! :)

  69. says

    Gorilla glue is a staple in my husband’s garage now for tool repair, and gorilla tape is THE replacement for duct tape now. He used gorilla glue this morning to repair a broken multitool. We can always use more!!

  70. says

    I’ve never used Gorilla Glue but I see so many people swearing by it on blogs when they use it for all of their projects. I have so many projects waiting for me to complete and I could sure use this stuff to help me out. It would be great to try it! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  71. Marie says

    I use gorilla glue for many of my wood crafts and projects. I fixed a frame that my boys broke while playing.
    Thank you!

  72. says

    I didn’t know about the white glue! I need exactly this product to repair my Grandmother’s Cake Plate that was broken in our last move. I can’t express how much this Cake Plate means to me since I lost my Grandmother 4 years ago.

  73. Carol Ebbers says

    The glue would really come in handy. I’m repairing a old wooden rocking chair that actually fell to pieces. I have glued the slats back onto the seat and the back, the legs stayed together but I ran out of Gorilla Glue before I got the rockers glued back on. I love the stuff!!

  74. says

    LOVE Gorilla glue for repairs! Pots, dishes, furniture, I’ve used original GG many times for many things. I’d love to try some of their other types of glues, like the super glue, epoxy and Gorilla Tape! (Could there possibly be a replacement for the ubiquitous Duck Tape??)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Sheramy says

    I have been collecting dominoes and would use Gorilla Glue to stick them around my door for a unique and intersting decorative door border (hey, I live in a little trailer so anything goes…).

  76. Glenda M says

    We have used gorilla glue for the bathroom wall and fixtures where we couldn’t put a nial or screw. Gorilla glue is the best I have ever seen. We have thousands of projects that we could use gorilla glue on.

  77. Ila East says

    I did not realize there were so many types of gorilla glue. With so many choices there will be lots of projects I could use it on. I don’t have any projects in the works just yet so I can’t be specific.

  78. Karen says

    I’ve never used Gorilla Glue before but keep seeing their ad in the back of my magazines and keep thinking to myself I need to try that. I have all sorts of things around the house that need fixing to work on. :-)

  79. Jacque says

    I’ve used gorilla glue on numerous projects around our home. The latest was making a stand for my cloche using a found wood candelstick. Would love that basket full of gorilla glues.

  80. Jacque says

    I’ve used Gorilla glue for numerous projects around our home. The latest was gluing a wooden candle stick to the bottom of a wood cheese plate to make a stand for a cloche. I would love to win that basket full of glues.

  81. Nancy says

    I keep hearing good things about Gorilla Glue. I have gotten away from crafting because the glue I had been using was no longer dependable. My first project would be to repair an antique chair and then back to crafting again.

  82. Jo Ann Ford says

    I have never used Gorilla glue and welcome the chance to win this package of products. I make a lot of crafts and am sure the glue products will come in handy!

  83. Cindy Herrington says

    I would love to win some Gorilla Glue. I have an old fashioned armoire, that the leg is broken on and i need some Gorilla Glue to fix it. Love your product.

  84. says

    I have never tried Gorilla Glue but I’m always tempted to try it out. I’ve bought so many other brands of glues, most of them have disappointed me so I would love to give this glue a try! I hate to use a glue gun so I always use other glues instead. I glue everything!!

  85. Mandy H says

    I have used Gorilla Wood Glue to repair dining room chairs, picture frames and door trim. I’ve been seeing several crafts using Gorilla Super Glue and the clear, fast drying glue and I’m anxious to try these as well. I’ve always been pleased with the Gorilla Glue brand and trust it as being a high quality product.

  86. yvette says

    I have not tried Gorilla Glue , I hope to win this cotest so I can use it in my craft Class and Drama Dpt. God Bless

  87. nitasha says

    I’ve always been curious about Gorilla Glue, so I would love a chance to try it out! I’ve heard awesome reviews, so fingers crossed….

  88. Evelene Sterling says

    I need to repair some ceramics that broke during a move. Would love to win some Gorilla Glue. bimbi9atverizondotnet

  89. Dennis says

    I have used gorilla glue to fix shoes, flower pots, and I glues silk flowers to the bottom of a vase once.There are so many uses its hard to find any that can’t use some kind of gorilla glue. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. yvonne hurt says

    Oh I love gorilla glue it simply is the best from jewelry to just about any project you maybe doing would love to win …the shirt is awesome in itself!thanks gorilla glue for all you do to make our crafting world stay together!

  91. Cindy says

    I make yard and garden signs and Gorilla glue works great for attaching the embellishments to the wooden boards.

  92. Stephanie says

    I need to repair the veneer on the sewing machine cabinet I inherited from my mom, and I think Gorilla Glue will do the job perfectly!

  93. Rona says

    I love Gorilla Glue – we have the wood glue and have used it quite a bit. Would love to try the glass cake plate idea!!

  94. Diane Morris says

    I made a bird bath using old flowerpots and glued them together with Gorilla Glue. Turned out awesome!

  95. Emily Carter says

    With 5 boys, you can never have enough Gorilla glue! Seriously, you can use this stuff for EVERYTHING! My favorite is to create wood projects, mostly containers for small critters that come to live with us! :)

  96. Missy K. says

    I use gorilla glue for gluing anythign wood. I’d love to win the prize pack and find out what I can do with it.

  97. says

    I have never used this glue. But I am always looking for a glue that will hold anything together. This does sound like a great glue. there is a hair brush that we like to use but the handle always breaks off and wee have never found a glue to put it back together.

    Thanks for a chance to win

  98. Amanda says

    I have quite a few projects that I’ve put together using other brands of glue and everything I’ve tried seems to fall apart when I look at it. I’d love to try Gorilla glue to bring my book binding purse and cupcake tier back to life.

  99. Carah Kristel says

    Gorilla Glue is fantastic. I’ve used it for numerous projects. I’ve used it to fix my shoes, gluing the sole back on.

  100. Saxie says

    Gorilla glue works great! I used it to put the head of a ceramic bear that I got from my mom as a child back on after it fell off my shelf and broke. You couldn’t even tell it had ever broken!!

  101. Kimberly says

    OMG!…I LOVE Gorilla Glue! It’s great for almost everything; ‘haven’t found anything it won’t fix yet! My husband calls me “The Queen of Adhesives” because I love them all: from glues to tapes!…(‘Must be that Chemistry degree that did it to me!) What a great gift!

  102. says

    Gorilla glue is used for so many things around here. In fact, it will probably be my mom and friend that will use it as they create things for their woodworking business.

  103. Marty says

    I love gorilla glue. I use it for everything it sure is alot better than any super glue that I have used in the past. I use it inside and outside on all kinds of projects.

  104. Christina C says

    The last project I used gorilla glue on was helping a boyscout with his pinewood derby car. Thanks for the giveway!

  105. says

    we’ve used gorilla glue on daughters high chair, my many varied craft projects, hubby’s model ships, my dad’s wood work projects, gluing some broken ceramics back together (thanks kiddo!), whew, we use it on everything!

  106. Teri Champine says

    I have many, many projects that I can use Gorilla glue on. We live in a dry climate and everything that has been glued before has come apart and needs a glue that is strong. There are many craft items that I can use the glue on also.

  107. Kelly says

    I’ve used different versions of Gorilla glue for different projects. Gluing carpet remnants to sawhorses, in my jewelry making, etc. Wonderful stuff!

  108. Katherine says

    From what I’ve heard, Gorilla Glue totally rocks. I haven’t used it yet – although it’s on my list to get the next time I’m out. I do so many projects I think Gorilla Glue would be perfect for – collage, mixed media, ceramics, wood, furniture…I get giddy just thinking about how many things Gorilla Glue could help me with! :)

  109. Regina says

    I like Gorilla Glue for reattaching bits of floor trim that pop up for whatever reason. Holds wonderfully.

  110. Sandra Hollenbeak says

    I LOVE GORILLA GLUE ! It is the best and there are so many things I could do with it can’t pinpoint one.

  111. Debbie says

    According to my husband, I’m obsessed with this stuff. I use it for anything that even looks like it’s coming loose lol. I even fixes a pair of my favorite heels with this stuff!!!

  112. Dana says

    Oh goodness, we use gorilla glue in my household for everything, such as attaching magnets to tiny frames for the fridge, putting picture frames together, fixing furniture and broken stuff! Love it!

  113. Angela Ingalls says

    Since finding gorilla Tape and Glue I no longer buy and other glue or duck tape. This is the best and sicks to every thing. I have and old dresser that has no nails in it and when one of the drawers kept falling apart I tried regular wood glue held for about one week. Bought Gorilla Glue and tied it for the first time and it has been 2 years now and its still holding strong.

  114. Paula Wirfel says

    I would use Gorilla Glue for all of my craft needs, particularly in my plastic canvas stitchery and my clay creations. I’ll need to find some way to hide it from my husband, though, because I’m sure he will find uses for it also!

  115. Jennifer says

    I have yet to use the Gorilla glue. I’m still new to the world of crafting. But I can think of a lot of great uses for it and can’t wait to try it.

  116. Josephine Cox says

    I would use Gorilla Glue in my card crafts. It is so hard to find adhesive that keeps your embellishments on the cards, especially ones you are sending in the mail. Would like to do this for some OWH and would love to find glue that holds.

  117. Lorie says

    I’ve never used Gorilla glue but I’ve been wanting to try it. I’ve looked for it at my local craft store but they didn’t have it.

  118. says

    My fiance introduced me to the wonder that is Gorilla glue. The brand is amazing. All their products (the ones I have used) are the best! I hope I win so I can try out more of their products.

  119. Karen says

    I use Gorilla glue to glue magnets onto things and also to glue rocks to bowling balls. I like this glue and would love to try the other products as well.

  120. Sarah says

    I have some old mismatched china that I was going to make cupcake and treat towers with, gorilla glue would work wonderful for this

  121. Tilly A says

    Help! I broke my husbands favorite chair! I hope I win so I can fix it before he gets back from deployment.

  122. ann says

    I use a lot of different glues and adhesives in my art work, crafted pieces, and in household repairs. Gorilla glue is a staple in our home workshop as well as in my studio.

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