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Book Review: Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature WorldsIf you would like to read my review on this beautiful book, please click here. After you’ve read the eye candy within its pages as well as the fabulous tutorials, you will definitely want one! So Timber Press, Inc. is offering one lucky Craft Gossip reader a chance to win a copy of their own!


1) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d love to have this book!


1) You must have a U.S. shipping address (that means if you live outside the U.S. but have a relative or someone else willing to accept your package, that works!)

2) One entry per person

3) Giveaway ends on January 25, 2012

Winner will be drawn via random drawing from all qualifying entries. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or an alternate winner will be drawn. Please allow 4-6 for delivery of your prize.


  1. Shina Kristina Theimer says

    Over the holiday season my boyfriend and I took up crafting to make a way to make some small change and also craft gifts for the people we love. That’s how I found your page. It has taught me…how resourceful I can be. I have since taken up making small terrariums, starting with using recycled light bulbs and moss I’ve found around my area, tiny pine cones, little shells, pretty much anything I can use but I feel like my ideas are stagnating. Here is a picture of my first terrarium. I hope I can learn to expand on this. I like sewing, I’ve liked learning to build paper crafts, but this…this is alive, and I can give these microcosms to my friends and see how excited they get to have a living craft I made with my time and imagination. Thank you for reading my wordy comment…sorry, I got carried away. Here’s the URL

  2. says

    Way back when (don’t look, but it’s perilously close to a quarter of a century) I actually made a few terrariums–and loved, loved, loved them!

    Depending on materials, plants, container and location, they can evoke so many different moods and emotions–and with living plants, they evolve and grow as you do.

    Then there’s my adoration of miniatures *sigh*

    Pretty, pretty please, enter me in the drawing? Thank you!

  3. Deanna says

    I would love to find an interesting way to have some plants in my home. My home is small so little worlds of plants would work great! Plus I’ve always wanted to learn how to make one.

  4. Kimiko says

    To learn how to create miniature worlds seems like a fabulous means to express my desire to be a creative spirit. And as an added bonus, I can focus on the recipient while designing their terrarium(s).

  5. says

    I would love to use the book with my children and the youth group at church. Little terrariums would make such great gifts and really add a little bright spot in people’s homes.

  6. Laurel Hendrickson says

    I would love to have this book so I can make these beautiful terrariums with my son!!! Such a great family night craft night ideas!!!

  7. Sherri McMullin says

    I bought a wall globe terrarium about 6 months ago and have done nothing with it. This post have given me the inspiration do to something about it. Thank you!!

  8. Bear Maverick says


  9. amy* says

    I was saying just yesterday I wanted to make a terrarium to add to my plants! REALLY!! I would love to have creative ideas…beyond my idea of “plants in a big pickle jar”.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  10. Brandi says

    I have been looking for an unconventional and interesting way to showcase some of the shells and shark’s teeth my children found while we were vacationing in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday. I think this might just be what I was looking for.

  11. Annie Savillo says

    Love the zen-like quality of terrariums. They are so unique and amazing. My husband has started a shelf dedicated to zen and they are a beautiful accent to any room.

  12. Wendy C says

    I would love to have this book. I love terrariums and I just took up doing crafts to help me stop smoking,something to keep my hands busy. So far its going great. I’ve been cig free for over two months.

  13. Andrea M says

    I would love to have this book! I’m fascinated by all things miniature. It makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood!

  14. Doris says

    I’ve always loved terrariums. We used to make them in pickle jars. I would love to make some as gifts for friends and family.. Please pick me.

  15. Anni says

    I’ve always admired terrariums, and people have gotten so creative with them in recent years! I’d love to learn how to make some to hang in my front window… I’ve actually killed (on accident) several air plants I bought many years ago, so maybe there’s some tips in there for “black thumbs” such as myself =)

  16. Jodi says

    My daughters have been looking for something like this to create. They are 17 and 14 and love plants but I myself seem to kill everything. These would work great for them and our samll living space. They each want things to care for of their own and where we live pets are not an option. this would be great for them and relaxing for all.

  17. AGA says

    For me as a hudge fan of gardening, who can’t have her own one, this guide of making littles plant art, can give inspiration and make everyday smile :-)

  18. Karen Norris says

    I have been dying to make miniature terarriums. I love creating with plants. This book would be so helpful.

  19. Kim says

    It wasn’t until I read this post that I thought of a terrarium as a DIY project. The possibilities are endless. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  20. Rhonda says

    Looking @ your tutorial pics and the different containers you’ve used, it looks easier than I was expecting. I have been wanting to learn how to properly do these. The glass containers you’ve used have really given each piece such personality. Would LOVE to win your book and try something new this year. Thanks!

  21. Marsha says

    I have many large plants on my sunporch. These would make a great addition and a good way to start and share plants!

  22. mary says

    I have always loved the “miniature world” of terrariums…would love to win this book but if not I intend to purchase it anyway……….

  23. Jenny Garza says

    Would love a chance to win – terrariums have come a long way. I can remember making them as a child with plastic sofa bottles.

  24. Charleen Harrell says

    As I get older smaller gardens are better. This is the ultament small garden. Yes, Indeed I would love to win this fantastic book to use making miniature gardens in terrariums….

  25. Ellen says

    I have always been fascinated with Terrariums and always wanted to make one! I would also make a great teaching aid for my daughter!

  26. Heidi hohenstein says

    Great idea for little ones to have their own plant to take care of. This would be a play date for sure!

  27. Jaan says

    Yes, I would love to have the book. Why, we are moving to a coastal city soon. And, well one knows the heat and humidity that goes along with it. Having a correct guide on making these terrariums, they would add so much to our new home. Love the idea of have greenery in the house in such a fresh and fun way.

  28. Kathi says

    Love Love the mini’s I got lots of ideas. Now I need to get busy. I have 4 in my craft room now. But you can never have to many. Thank you for all the ideas. Kathi

  29. Radhika says

    I been thinking and reading up on terrariums for 2-3 months now. This has come as a delightful surprise. I hope I’m the lucky one :)

  30. dianne says

    This book would be perfect for me who has tried several times to create one with bad results. This will help I’m sure.

  31. says

    I loved terrariums as a teen. I was learning about plants at my local conservatory and from a friend. She had a greenhouse, complete with a chameleon on a leash. Now that terrariums are back in fashion, I look at every glass container as a potential terrarium. I would love to get some ideas from this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  32. michelle says

    I love terrariums. My mom made/kept them when I was a child, and they always look so clean and fresh. This book would be a great start for me.

  33. Ricki Duke says

    I have been wanting to make a terrarium for months now. This book has just jump started me that much faster. Love to have it. Thanks for the chance.

  34. Sandyb says

    I would love to win this because I love anything crafts and anything plants. I have a lot of moss around our house. Plants are my passion and anything to make with my hands is my passion and the two shall meet with this book. Thank you for the chance to win this book.

  35. Christine says

    I have a huge aquarium terrarium already filled with carnivorous plants… I have started making smaller ones for gifts. Would love to get some more inspiration from this book!

  36. adrienne z says

    I’m a home-made crafting gal – I love to make things out of whatever it is I find laying around whether it came from my basement, the garage, a park, the woods, or the beach and I would love to have this book to create from ideas that I haven’t thought of before on my own
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  37. Diana Taylor says

    I have loved terrariums since they were big in the 70’s. It’s like creating a little world on its own. This is my pet project for the long winter. Finding information on great technics though is the hard thing. I would love the opportunity to use a book like this to help me create “little worlds” for others to cherish and enjoy.

  38. says

    I made my first terrarium in a pickle jar when I was five, with moss from a creek bed, and I have loved them ever since. I’d enjoy seeing ideas that might help me introduce my five grandsons to this idea. I’m sure this book has suggestions that might make it boy-interesting.

    I have an urge to make another one for myself, too.

  39. says

    To be able to bring a little bit of the outdoors into the house is a beautiful thing. My favorite color is green and I’d love to have this book to help cherish that beautiful.

  40. Cyndi Paola says

    Oh how I love that book!!! Reminds me of my dad. I remember him making those when I was kid, he didn’t have a book or any kind of guide, but he wanted to make one and darn if he didn’t! Great memory for me.

  41. cari says

    I love this book! it is so inspiring. I work with teens with special needs and think they would really enjoy making these!
    thx :) Cari

  42. Stephanie says

    I love terreriums- I Keep pinning them on Pinterest, and I have made one or two in my time… plus, it helps satisfy that gardening but that I always get at this time of year when I can’t garden outside.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Janna Marga says

    My daughter wanted to make these little treasures for all her college friends this year, but we couldn’t find a guide book for a “beginner” crafter. This book would be just the inspiration she needs to create these little works of art for her friends–oh and of course, for me!!

  44. Shelly says

    I have recently been looking at terrariums in various garden centers, but I would like to try to make my own, as it seems both fun and personal! Also, I very much want to have more plants inside, but, sadly, I don’t seem to have a good touch with traditional houseplants. Thank you!

  45. Hana Banana says

    I always wanted to try to make a terrarium but couldn’t gathered enough guts to do it…I think it will be fun to learn along with my pre-school class.

  46. BeckyL says

    I was thinking about doing terrariums as our craft for our mom’s group at our church but need a little guidance. This might just be that perfect guidance I need to get it all planned out.

  47. says

    When I was younger I used to create these. They are very beautiful to have around decorating you home. I would love to get back into doing these with some fresh ideas from this book. Indoor planting can be lots of fun.

  48. georgia says

    Gave me great memories of creating terrariums in the 60’s and mum-in-law’s lovely, healthy terrarium that she has had sealed since the mid-1960’s. Thanks for posting the lightbulb terrarium pic!!

  49. Jane S. says

    What a lovely book! I’ve never had or made a terrarium, but I really like the idea of creating a miniature world. Dollhouses don’t appeal to me, but adding in the natural element in makes a completely different situation.

    Thank you for the chance to win this book! :)

  50. says

    I would love to have this book because we are a fairy loving household and my three little girls love anything miniature and crafty for them to do!

  51. says

    Since we got two kitties, the plants in our house have disappeared. Those two get into everything. But I think I could still have plants if I had little terrariums and put them in strategic spots around the house! I hope I win this book! YAH!

    Looks like Gloria has the same kitty trubs as we do. :-)

  52. Ellie B says

    I did a couple of terrariums before Christmas, with mosses from my woods- I even found a discarded bottle with a bit of moss growing inside! I’d love this book, as I’d like to make some more. Fun!

  53. says

    This looks like a fabulous book!! Something that is definitely going on my must-have list so I can make these. They’d be wonderful all over the house and make perfect gifts, too!!

  54. ChrisTea says

    For some reason, plants don’t do well in the apt. I’m in now. I’d never thought of terrariums! And I do LOVE the small ones … so cute. I also have some tree branches (hit by lightening) in one corner of my living room where I think some tiny terrariums hanging on the branches would look wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  55. HawaiianLibrarian says

    I would add this book to our public library shelves. There’s great interest in desk gardening as houses and condos are built smaller. Mahalo for the op to win.

  56. lynn says

    oh adorable. my four year old loves to collect little things and it would be great inspiration for us to make little homes for all the goods.

  57. Peggy R says

    I have loved terrariums for about 30 years now. I’ve never made one personally, but have sent many for different occasions from Birthdays to Funerals, which sounds morbid, but it was in style. I would love to have one of my very own, and make some to give out as gifts. You have a great eye, and make some of the most beautiful terrariums I’ve ever seen!! I would be honored to own your book!!

  58. Cindy says

    I am a plant addict and I am always looking for new ways to display them. I also happen to be a book addict. I would love to add this one to my collection

  59. says

    My love of gardening has allways been from sed or terrarium size. You can wath it grow and keep it small(like my kids didnt). It needs you to come and visit stay long enough to clip , spray etc.Ive tried to use my late granmas favorite Vase (Irish it came). Doing good A book. sorry! Susan J

  60. Cindee says

    I have made different terriariums since the 60s. I love them. It would be nice to have your book for some different ideas.My favorite right now has faries in it.

  61. andiesayswhat says

    Terrariums are the (second) greatest craft! They’re gorgeous, make great gifts, and fit about anywhere! Want!

  62. SongBird says

    Oh dear. I’d love this. I love to make miniature things – books, shadow boxes, knitted things… I have plans to make some terrariae in a couple of old, perfectly round lightbulbs and this book would be so useful.

  63. Kara N. says

    That looks like a cool book that could really hold a lot of inspiration! I just recently moved and I think making one of these terrariums would be really fun and a cool way to brighten up our new home! Also my 4yr old could help!

  64. aimeeQ says

    I’ve been eyeing up the moss patch by my house on our daily dog walks with increasing lust. This must be a sign!

  65. Penny says

    I would love to win this book.
    I think it would be great for Bible School or Sunday school crafts.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  66. Violet W. says

    I have been wanting to do this. It looks fun. I can not afford to spend much on my crafts so winning this would give me a step ahead. Thank you for offering a chance to win this wonderful book.

  67. Jusa says

    I participated in a workshop at my local library a while ago on making terraria. I made some. They look like I jammed a bunch of plants in an odd collection of jars. I need help on making them attractive, and some tips on plant care to cross over into the magical worlds I see here.

  68. Pamela Gray says

    Would like to win this book due to being unemployed for over a year and a half. Looking for things I can make with ‘found’ objects or economical items. Have been crafting most of my life (cards, jewelry, crochet, etc.). I’m also partially disabled w/Fibro, hemi-facial spasms, and 6 ruptured disks in my back and neck.

  69. Cindy M says

    Would love to win and use this book!!I work with tropical plants in a greenhouse and am always looking for new ideas.I also teach classes and think some of the terrariums would make beautiful fairie gardens.

  70. Ella says

    I love nature and science and terrariums are the perfect combination of both. Plus they are a great way to bring the outdoors in. :)

  71. Karen Brown says

    This book looks so awesome! The cover is amazing!I would love to try these as I live in a small apartment and this would be perfect!

  72. mary fanara coleman says

    I just love making terrariums.Use to make them when I was little and still do. Thanks for chance to do this again.

  73. Debbie Smith says

    This is a great looking book. What wonderful gardens you would be able to create during the winter months. Winter gardening opens a whole new fun craft. Debbie

  74. Jo Ann Bar-El says

    The book really is magical. It would be the perfect gift for a special friend that could use some magic in her world.

  75. Summer Balderas says

    I work in a small office where everyone has plants that when on the edge of dying they bring them to me. So I would like to try my hand at terrariums. They look so amazing when I see them at art shows but I would like to know how to start and keep my own going. Thank you! SummerRae

  76. Shelly E says

    I think learning how to make these wluld be great so i could give them as gifts, & i think its important to have green spacee in the home!

  77. Josanne says

    I’m a very earthy girl, absolutely ADORE nature.. However I live in a small apartment surrounded by concrete, so terrariums I believe would help me bring nature into my seemingly cold place…

  78. Jennifer Cheek-Payan says

    I would love to own this book so that I could learn all the various ways to make my own lil’ terrariums! Thank you for the chance to win!

  79. Melissa says

    My young son is really into science these days, and plants in particular; this would be a wonderful project for us to do together!

  80. Janice says

    I have always loved terrariums, and always wanted to make some. I’m a plant lover, and nature lover. I love all things artsy and beautiful. I love reading craft books of most kinds. I REALLY want this book! I will definitely use it if I get it. Sooooo beautiful!

  81. says

    i remember friends moms having them as i grew up in the 70’s. I adore plants n gardens and tried one a couple years back n ……….killed it, need some help!

  82. Brooklyn says

    I would love this book! I find terrariums so interesting and would love to try one…. or two…. or three… of my own! :O)

  83. Nicole says

    I am an art teacher at Red Bank Regional High School in NJ and I’m obsessed with terrariums! Recently I organized a Terrarium Project for our school’s media center that was fantastically successful. I would be so thrilled to win this book! :)

  84. Solducky says

    My daughter loves growing things, and since we can’t be out in the garden in the winter I think she would love to do this with me!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  85. Marci says

    I’ve done some experimenting with terrariums before – I’d love to dive deeper into it. This book looks full of great ideas and I’d have fun!

  86. pam knies says

    I have been wanting to build a terrarium for a year now. You have inspired me to try again. Hope I win this book so I will bud a mini world of my own

  87. Caitlin says

    This looks like a fun craft to do a rainy day, (which are a lot these days !) I could also use something to brighten up my kitchen.

  88. Nola Harlan says

    I work at a senior center and am always looking for new ideas for classes abd this book would be great. Allowing them to make something that is fast and easy and most important they can be proud of the end result. Plus it will be something they can care for

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