Win 3 Rowenta Products! Massive Giveaway!


Rowenta makes great products. We all know that. But did you know that Rowenta also supports the National Craft Month every year in March?

For this year’s National Craft Month, they are asking all fans, followers, and DIY lovers to share a picture of their own project with them on Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #ShareYourDIY, for a chance to win three Rowenta products (Delta Force Hand Vacuum, Eco Intelligence Iron and Ultrasteam Steambrush).

Talking about crafting with National Craft Month, you should check out Rowenta’s resident DIY Expert, Jenni Radosevich of fame and see all the creative projects she comes up with, with the help of her Rowenta products.

So, you can enter that competition AND/OR you can enter our competition of Rowenta products giveaway!!

We love our own Rowenta products and they have kindly agreed to giveaway all three of those products to one lucky CraftGossip reader. Holy Schmoly!! What a fabulous giveaway!

So one CraftGossip reader will win –

1 Delta Force Hand Vacuum

1 Eco Intelligence Iron

1 Ultrasteam Steambrush

How to win?

1st Entry: Go to Rowenta’s Facebook site. Like them. Come back here and leave a comment saying you like them.

2nd Entry:  Leave a comment telling us why you want to win all three of these products.


2 entries per unique email address.

USA only (sorry!).

Ends 31st March 2014.

Good Luck!


  1. Carrie thomas says

    A new iron is something I have been wanting since I have been doing more projects that require it. What an awesome giveaway.

  2. Moe says

    I have an older model Rowenta iron and I’d love a new one. Plus I could use the Ultrasteam Steambrush and vacuum. I sew and all of these products would come in very handy.

  3. Ella Burnett says

    I want to win these wonderful Rowenta products because we just bought a new house and for the first time I will have a dedicated room for sewing – as I’m a freelance costume designer – this is a very big deal to me! And, I would love to have dedicated steam and ironing appliances in that space that I don’t have to share with the rest of the family. :)

  4. says

    I absolutely did like Rowenta on Facebook and saw some great DIY links so that was an added bonus. I like the Rowenta products and would love to win. I especially need a new iron for my iron-on projects and I did not know they had a steambrush. Also, my handvac gave up the ghost yesterday, so this is perfect timing.

  5. Linda Harris says

    I really need a great awesome iron to use on all my grand daughters dresses I make and Oh boy would the Handheld vacume come in handy in my Vintage camper along with the steamer for the curtains to keep crisp and fresh!!!

  6. Bunny Aamold says

    Have ‘like’d the Rowenta page for a long time, cuz I love Rowenta products! Especially their irons! Would LOVE to win this prize and try the hand vacuum! Thanks for the opportunity to try!

  7. Kim J. says

    I want to win all 3 because 1) Come on!!!…its Rowenta. 2) Two of these products have been on my wish list. I’ve had my eye on a few of their irons and really love their styles. I really need the hand vacuum for my stairs…I dread getting the regular vacuum and using the attachments for the stairs. The hand one would save my life :-).

  8. Desi says

    Why I want to win these great products? Because they are Rowenta, just one of the greatest products around; and because I really need them! :) Thanks for the chance to win!!

  9. Amanda Gomez says

    I would love to win since I have had a leaking iron that I can not use for steam for 14yrs. LOL And when making handmade items that have lots of ruffles it is hard to iron with out steam. Plus I heard Rowenta is a top brand. Would love to be part of the family.

  10. Margie says

    I LOVE Rowenta products, particularly the irons! They are all around great products…quality, durability and great prices. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. says

    Rowenta products are the greatest! I don’t own a hand vac, which would come in handy. I do alot of crafting, sewing and the steamer and iron would be used very often. This would be an awesome win! Thank you

  12. Sandy Ragland says

    I do not own any Rowenta products and I would like to test one out. I have heard they are great products. I have always went with black and decker but I am very willing to try different products.

  13. Pam McGhee says

    I have had previous experience with Rowenta products and I love them. Above and beyond any others. With a Rowenta hand vac, steambrush and iron I would be unstoppable.

  14. Melissa Haren says

    I would Love to win these products! I know Rowenta is a great brand and I love the idea of an Eco Friendly iron!

  15. Chris says

    I desperately need a new iron and I have always bought Rowenta. The large one will be perfect for fabric, the small for all my crafting and classes and the vacuum would be wonderful to clean my cutting board, sewing machine and computer. I would say a Trifecta.

  16. DonnaRae says

    Wow, three of the top needed tools for the sewing room and Rowenta to boot. How could not everyone want all three of those products!

  17. Alicia says

    I would love to win them because I love Rowenta, they last forever! They would be a great addition to my sewing room.

  18. Karen in KS says

    I would like to win because I think Rowenta is the best product out there! These would make a great addition to my sewing/craft room!

  19. Christine B. says

    I teach elementary school kids how to quilt – these tools would be an incredible asset to my teaching!

  20. Jean Della Vecchia says

    I want to win all three of these products because I currently have a Rowenta iron and it is the best I have ever used. I am sure I will love their other products.

  21. Anne Marie says

    I want to win as my iron is not working properly and the other two items would be so handy in my craft room.

  22. Sarah says

    I have used Rowenta for many years as my iron of choice. Would love to have a new iron and/or try the new items. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Ruth says

    My life as a housewife would be so more efficient with top notch Rowenta tools, I’d be done in a flash, and have much more time to craft. I just couldn’t lose.

  24. Peggy Donahue says

    Would love to win these products for my sewing room. I need an iron badly and I would be the proud owner of a Rowenta. I do not own a steam brush or a hand held vacuum….would help with cleanup…I generate a lot of dust and lint when I sew. Thanks Rowenta

  25. amy says

    I could totally use these products to clean up behind my messy boys and for ironing my sewing. Who wouldn’t like them on Facebook? I do.

  26. Patricia P. Hall says

    I want to replace my (cheap!) iron that seems to have a problem with the thermostat. Rowenta irons are the best!

  27. Brenda Painter says

    Now that I have retired, I have started sewing and quilting. The Delta Force Hand Vacuum would be super for clean up, the Eco Intelligence Iron is just a must have for a professional look and the Ultrasteam Steambrush would give a truly finished look.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win all three Rowenta products.

  28. says

    I couldn’t tell you how old my iron is and in desperate need of replacement, and I don’t even *have* a hand vac or a steambrush! With four kids and 3 cats, I need all the easy clean-up and quick wrinkle-release I can get!

  29. Beth B says

    A great iron is a must in the sewing room, and, yes, I would even iron clothing with it …. occasionally. The steam brush would be helpful with the clothing also,and with sewing and quilting. The vacuum would be handy in the sewing room, but I would give it to my husband who (almost) collects vacuums and he has his favorites. Fine with me. Guess who does the vacuuming here! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Pam Stephens says

    I would love to win these 3 products, and they would never have to leave my sewing room!! The iron and steambrush would handle all of my sewing projects, and the vac for all those little threads that try to hide from me, in the carpet, behind my desk, I think they are even on the ceiling! Sweet!

  31. Terri C says

    It would be a blessing to own these, my iron just went out on me. Would use the vac and steam rush would be used weekly. Needed the little vacuum for a job at church this week. Would use that steam brush all the time I iron all my clothes because I let them hang on hangers to dry.

  32. says

    I would love to win this package especially the vacuum since my studio is downstairs and it is a hassle to carry the vacuum down my steep stairs and that steamer would be great with my ribbons.

  33. says

    I love Rowenta’s irons. I have been using them since I learned how to sew and that is all I use. I love how they make pressing so easy. The vac would be lovely in my studio to pick up loose thread, etc. The garment steamer would make every project I work on look like I bought it in a store.

  34. Linda Nelson says

    I would like to win because I can’t seem to ever find an iron that I like and that lasts!! Also, the idea of a hand vacuum is wonderful!!

  35. Teresa Knittingdancer says

    I would love to win this package because these products would come in so handy in my craft room.

  36. Linda Tagg says

    I absolutely LOVE my Rowenta iron which I received as a Christmas gift from my parents (Yes…I asked for one)!!! If I won this…I would share with my daughters who know the value of a good iron and well made products!!!

  37. Elizabeth Smith says

    I have always wanted a Rowenta iron and my cheapie iron is dying so now would be a good time to win one! I could also use either the vacuum or the steamer for my craft and sewing projects. I would love them all.

  38. Sandy Yarbrough says

    I’d love to win these products!!!! The vacuum would help with clean up from my 2 long hair cats.

    And the other two would help so much with my charity quilt making!

    Thanks for offering this chance to win!!!

  39. thia Beniash says

    Oh could absolutely use them all. The vac for the muffin crumbs always in the car, the iron for crafting and the steamer for my photography backgrounds!

  40. Lori R says

    I love my Rowenta iron – only kind I’ll purchase and would love to have the steamer and the hand vac as well!

  41. Theresa says

    I could really use a new iron. The cording on mine is fraying and I keep getting shocked each time I do the ironing. Winning this would be terrific.

  42. Stephanie F says

    I have a Rowenta iron and love it, it is about 15 years old now and shows no sign of dying! I would love to have a hand-vac, never had one and with 3 kids underfoot, I pull out my big vacuum about once a day. I had to google what a steambrush is, Wow, how nice that would be!

  43. says

    My Black and Decker iron is 35 years old! it was a wedding gift! I would love to have a new one to work with my quilting! The vacuum …I really could use that to clean up my work area and get around corners of the sewing tables. and the steam brush…It’d be nice to have for touch ups instead of dragging out the big ironing board! Thanks for the drawing!

  44. Annette Schoeberle says

    Rowenta makes great household hand-held appliances that are durable and do the job time after time. One of my favorite appliance brands!

  45. Tracy A says

    Would love to win these 3 products to 1) to help with projects (iron) 2) steam material to help create and 3) use hand vac to clean up project messes!!!! Thanks

  46. says

    I would like to win the three Rowenta products because I have moved in with my daughter and her family and we are starting to craft together and the iron and vac would be perfect for that. The steamer would be perfect for her husband that is in the Navy for his uniforms. He sometimes has to change on a koments notice and it would be perfect for any wrinkles he may have. This is a wonderful giveaway and I appreciate the chance to win!

  47. Julie Henderson says

    MERCY, I NEED THESE, & I’ll tell ya why: I’m currently using a tiny-size travel iron, ’cause I had trouble finding one w/ a shiny soleplate, & that wasn’t exorbitant in cost. Also, my stairs are difficult to clean w/ the whole full sz. vacuum, lugging it up & down behind me. Here’s my ode to Rowenta: (note the acrostic)

    Radically great prize package –
    Of great use they
    Would be to me.
    Each one a blessing
    No more I’d be messing
    The clothes or floor
    And I’d be squealing, “WHEEE!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, & blessings to everyone. :-)

  48. Gabrielle Schmidt says

    I have moved five times in the last eight yearsand a lot of my things have been misplaced, lost, broken, or sucked into a black hole. I’ve had to start over so many times with cheap items. It would be wonderful to have really good things for a change, and Rowenta it the best!

  49. Valerie Carpenter says

    I would love to win all these products. It would make life with an active child a lot easier. I’ve not been able to afford nice products like these after I lost my job. I really need ’em!

  50. Jessie says

    Great giveaway. I have several Rowenta irons and they are all top notch. I find other irons are just not hot enough for the types of projects that I do, now that I have a sewing studio that is not in my home, I could really use the irons in this giveaway. Thanks for offering them!

  51. Sylvia says

    Living on a very fixed income is difficult, especially when appliances, large or small, need replacing, and right now, my old iron, along with my backup iron, are spitting and coughing all over my quilt blocks. Winning these products would allow me to replace the worn out items with much nicer products.

  52. mummsie says

    Well I’d like to win all 3 because I hate ironing and in quilting and gsrmet making it’s necessary, so ANYTHING to make the job easier…

  53. Sandy Lewis says

    Oh my goodness – I NEED a new iron! I was looking at the Rowena irons and I’ve heard such great things about them. Unfortunately, my finances don’t like them as much… sigh. I could also use help with the vacuuming and cleaning. I have dogs and cats, and quick vacuuming is often necessary. I am getting older and I don’t enjoy the old steamers anymore. I’d love to give the steam cleaner a go. Thank you SO much for the chance to win.

  54. OHSue says

    I want to win because my house is a mess and my clothes are all wrinkled and my old Rowenta is over 10 years old.

  55. OHSue says

    I wish there was a love button on facebook, refer back to that 10 year old Rowenta I use for my quilting. But I had to settle for a like on FB

  56. Regina says

    I have a mostly hardwood house with just a few spots that need vacuuming – a handheld would be a great addition to my cleaning arsenal. The iron is ALWAYS a good thing for a quilter, and though I have never tried a steambrush I am up for it!

  57. emilia says

    I’ve known Rowenta since very young. my mother already used their products.. it would be good to have these products of such good quality and it would bring back good memories..

  58. says

    I would love to win these 3 products. I just finished my oldest daughter’s wedding dress with an iron that I’ve had for 20 years… The iron just died, and I still have so many more projects on my to-do list, not to mention one more daughter who may want me to make a wedding dress for her someday too! I could have used the Rowenta hand vacuum, as the lace for the wedding dress came in beaded rather than plain and we had to snip off all of the little beads and sequins by hand. It would have been so quick to clean up with the hand vacuum. We also have two dogs and two cats who seem to always want to help with any sewing project, leaving plenty of little stray hairs behind. The steamer would have been fabulous for touching up the silk bow and helping to manage the wrinkles along the way.

  59. says

    liked you on facebook! i adore rowenta irons, have had them for years but could never afford the really great ones, so this sounds fabulous, besides which would really love the steam machine, always wanted one of those, too. i sew a lot and teach sewing so a really good iron is a necessity.

  60. Mary says

    I could really use the vacuum for the car cleaning…The iron of course for those pressing jobs and the steamer will really help when there’s a fold or crease in my quilt backing when I’m preparing it to be sandwiched. Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. Kathy H says

    I have ‘Liked’ Rowenta on Facebook… and, of course, I really do. My Rewenta iron is over 10 years old and still works wonderfully!! Be especially blessed…

  62. Kathy H says

    I would love to win these 3 products. The steambrush would be awesome to touch up my clothing for work, I don’t have a hand held vacuum and, I’d love to upgrade my iron!! Be especially blessed…

  63. Dennis Mullins Sr says

    I would love to win all three items, I really need a new iron and one that will last a long time. The vacuum would be a plus because I am disabled and it would help me a lot. The steamer I could use when I need to get the creases out of folded fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. Christine M says

    We could use a new iron (our current one leaks), a steamer for work clothes and the mini vac for our two little ones and their messes :)


  65. Katy Stahlman says

    I liked Rowenta Facebook Page.
    I would love to win so I could have wrinkled free clothes and help cleaning up so I would no have to use my big Vac all the time.

  66. Tara High says

    I would love to win these Rowenta products!! I have only heard awesome things about their irons; they are the best!! I can only guess that their other products would also get very high ratings. I would love a steamer!!

  67. Chanda Kim says

    I would love to win these items because my iron is from the dark ages and my husband has a lot of dress shirts that need taking care of

  68. Marianna says

    Their irons look like great, pointy-tipped irons which is just what I need. The other products look great, too! Hope I win.

  69. Flor Franco says

    I’m new in sewing, I heard pressing is a very important step for a suscesfull gargament.
    I will love to have the rigth tools for that.
    Thank you very much.

  70. Abigail says

    I would especially enjoy the handheld vacuum to clean up after my very messy toddlers and to get Cheerios out of every crevice in my car!

  71. mummsie says

    I’m so excited about this giveaway. This is my second entry. The suspence is killing me. These products look like the Cadillacs of pressing tools!!

  72. says

    I love my Rowenta Steam Iron. I have had it for over 10 years and it still works beautifully.I also use mine to steam and freshen my draperies. Thanks for making such great products!!

  73. says

    Love Rownta products. Had an iron a long time ago, most expensive but best iron I had ever owned. Would love to win products because I can’t afford new ones right now and because my family has lost everything we owned.

  74. Jeana says

    I would love to win these because I never get anything new for my self. The iron i use i have had for ten years and I got it at a yard sale!

  75. says

    Why do I want these? Because my crafting space is a mess and the vacuum could really make a difference. Because sometimes, my iron spits out little bits of iron – not the best look for any kind of fabric. And, because I’ve always wanted a steamer.

  76. Vici says

    I would love to win a new Rowenta iron–I’ve had 2 of them so far, and I use them to bits! My current Rowenta iron is in desperate need of replacement. 😛

  77. says

    I could definitely use all three the vac for cleaning the car, the iron because the one we have doesn’t work too well can’t see the numbers or wordings anymore. and the steamer well I really need something to help get the wrinkles out of my husband and sons clothes.

  78. Denise Koster says

    Rowenta makes the BEST irons! My old iron is starting to go, and these new ones would be a big help!

  79. Debra Revay says

    I would love to win all three products. It would make life a little easier as I have arthritis and I wouldn’t have to get out the heavy vacuum cleaner for small cleanups. My cheap iron is leaking water and I need a new one desperately and the steam brush would be great for delicate fabrics.

  80. Rebecca Van Horn says

    Would love to win these Rowenta items! I only use a Rowenta iron, and between ironing my husband’s shirts and my sewing projects, it’s seen a lot of use. The hand vacuum would be so awesome for use on my stairs – my upright is so cumbersome to use! The steamer would make such quick work of my draperies – what a time saver it would be! Oh, to win these items would be AWESOME!!!

  81. Gwen says

    Went to Rowenta website and ‘liked’ them. Would love to win these because after 31 years of marriage it is time to replace my iron, a hand vacuum would be awesome! I always wanted a steamer but have never had one. I’m sure it would be nice to have.

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