Glass Marble Christmas Trees

Glass Marble Christmas TreesI have billions of these craft marbles, so I’m loving this project ideas using them and foam cones! Head over to Alderberry Hill for the full tutorial — Glass Christmas Trees.


  1. Christine says

    Great idea but the stack trees she uses are not available. Alderberry Hill doesn’t say where they can be found, even after numerous requests from her followers. I searched online and no place to buy them. Why post something if it isn’t possible to make :( Very dissapointing :(

    • says

      It’s a shame they aren’t available, however one can still draw inspiration from the craft using regular cones or constructing something different. Sometimes it’s about inspiration too :)

  2. Janet O"Neal says

    I am in agreement with the first comment Why do you print these directions and then cannot find the trees. I spent yesterday traveling 150 miles to the city to purchase the supplies for our library project and got everything but the trees. Money wasted

    • says

      Hi Janet. I’m sorry you were unable to find the trees. As I mentioned in my previous comment, even if they aren’t available you can still draw inspiration from the project and use a different type of tree. As for driving 150 miles? I am sorry, but if I had to drive that far, I think I would call ahead and see if the store stocked what I needed. I realize it’s probably easier to blame me for that, but I have to disagree with you.

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