Guest Post: PB Inspired Christmas Stocking Pillows

Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock Off

I’m excited, it’s time for another guest poster here on the Home & Garden channel of Craft Gossip! Today Korrie is going to share with you how to make these adorable Christmas stocking pillows inspired by Pottery Barn. Take it away Korrie!

I’m Korrie from Red Hen Home, where I blog about furniture refinishing projects, vintage treasures, and a few craft projects here and there.  Amanda invited me to share one of my recent projects with you today, and I decided that since the radio has started playing Christmas carols, it was OK for me to debut a Christmas project!

Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffPottery Barn has terrific pillows, no doubt about it.  However, they also seem to be rather fond of their pillows, based on the price they put on them!  For example, their Knit Stocking Lumbar Pillow cover is $49.


Pottery Barn Stocking PillowYep, just the cover—pillow not included!

I actually visited the store (for the second time in my life) to get a closer look at this pillow.  It’s SUPER cute, but really there isn’t anything too difficult about the construction or design.

So…I decided to make my own!

The little knit stockings are (obviously) what make the whole pillow.  I visited a couple of local thrift stores and bought sweaters that had small-scale cable patterns.


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffAnd what else?  Skirts!  I could have gone to a fabric store and bought off-the-bolt fabric for the pillow slips.  But I’m lazy; I was already AT the thrift store!

Pillow inserts came from IKEA.  The FJDRAR inserts are 16” x 24” and cost a whopping $3 each.

I drew a stocking shape on a scrap of tissue paper for my pattern.  I pinned my pattern so the bottom hem of the sweater would become the top  of the stocking—less finishing work that way.


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffPin the wrong sides of each stocking together, stitch around the edges (by hand or machine), and voila!  Three little knit stockings.


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffI used another scrap of sweater material to make the stocking hangers, but you could use a loop of ribbon or yarn or twine.


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffTo  make the pillow slips, you want to add 1” to the width of your pillow form (1/2” on each side for a seam allowance), but about 4” to the length, to allow for the hem and the buttons.  Here’s a tip, though—if you’re using the IKEA pillow forms, they aren’t very “full,” so I actually didn’t add any extra for seam allowances—that allows me to stuff the pillows a little fuller.


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffIf you are using a skirt like I did, make sure to take advantage of the already-finished hem for one side of your pillow, and you can even use one of the side seams for your top seam.  (Don’t forget that you don’t need that 1/2” seam allowance then.  Don’t worry if you mess up; pillows are very forgiving.)

It’s easier to stich on your stockings and trim if you leave either the top or bottom seam unfinished.  Lay everything out and be generous with your pins!  I stitched the trim down first, and then I “tacked” the stockings in place by stitching back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth for about four stitches at about four places around the stocking (right near the edges).  This could easily be done by hand as well.  And the trim?  Well, I gave strong consideration to using hot glue!!


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffIsn’t it amazing how the colors changed mid-project??  Must be Christmas Magic!

The last step in completing your pillow is to add the buttons on each side.  If you want to be able to re-use the pillow insert, you can use real buttonholes, or you can just stitch the buttons on through both layers of the pillow cover!  And what you choose to do may depend on what kind of day you’re having… (guess what I did??)

Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffTa-da!  Here’s my Pottery-Barn knock-off.



Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffBut why stop there?  There are a whole lot more options when you’re making them up as you go along!  I loved this combination of red with a subtle gray plaid (from another skirt)…


Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock Off…or you can make it even easier by using a pre-made pillow cover (this red velvet one was $7 from IKEA) and just dress it up with the stockings!  (See the candy cane?  these are functional, baby!)

And maybe you can add some jingle bells since this one didn’t get buttons!

Pottery Barn Stocking Pillow Knock OffAmanda, thanks for inviting me to share my project here at Craft Gossip!  Hope you’ll come visit me at Red Hen Home soon!

Thanks for sharing your project with us today Korrie, I love the pillows! Here are a few more of Korrie’s awesome projects, I’ve even featured the French table here on Craft Gossip before.

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    I’ve figured it out! I just need to get inside your head and figure out “how” you can be so creative. These are totally awesome and using items from the thrift store rocks!


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