Helping Japan Auction: Angry Birds

By now I’m sure you’ve read the Craft Gossip announcement about all of the auctions going on this week from each of the different editors. You can bid on books, craft items, kits, jewelry, and now, you can bid on this set of Angry Birds I made from cardboard tubes. I made these yesterday especially for this auction and I hope that in the spirit of giving someone will win these little cuties for the greater good. ALL PROCEEDS will go to The Salvation Army specifically for the relief effort in Japan due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

If you live in the United States Craft Gossip will pay your shipping so that every penny out of your pocket goes directly to Japan. If you live outside of the United States you may bid, however you will be responsible for the shipping cost as well.  At the conclusion of the auction, the highest bid will be the winner and Paypal payment will be due at that time.  If the winning bidder doesn’t make the payment within 3 days, we will select the next highest bidder.

Please, this is for a good cause. If you need a reminder of what it’s like there, watch this — Scariest video of the Japan tsunami

BIDDING STARTS at $9.00 but hopefully your generosity will allow for a higher ending bid and we’ll be able to make a difference. To place a bid, leave your amount in the comments. Bidding ends on April 7, 2011.

Thank you all for being loyal readers of Craft Gossip!



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