How To Clean Your Front Load Washing Machine


Whether you realize it or not, cleaning your front load washing machine is very important in maintain it’s performance capabilities.  Because of it’s design the front load machines are more susceptible to mold and mildew, making it the perfect place to build up gunk and grime.  It can even become smelly.

If you have never cleaned your front load machine, you make feel a little overwhelmed with where to start, but worry no more.  The blog Clean & Scentsible has written an amazing step by step tutorial for you to keep your washing machine in tip top shape.

Read the post How To Clean Your Front Loader to learn more.


  1. Sue says

    Had my machine repaired because it wasn’t spinning the clothes right. That is when I discovered that you need to clean the small lint catcher under the machine. Needless to say GROSS.
    Also we keep lint catchers on the drain hose. Amazing the amount of lint that would go down the drain otherwise.

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