How to Get Featured in Home and Garden

As you might imagine, the editors here at Craft Gossip receive a lot of suggestions for project features. While I would love to feature everything that is submitted to the Home & Garden channel, there’s only so much time in a day, AND only one of me! :) However, I did want you to know that I do save the suggestions and go through them regularly.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get featured on Craft Gossip? Well, we’ve recently updated our submission guidelines and I invite you to read them here.

Things that I specifically look for in the Home & Garden channel are:

1) Good photographs – they don’t have to be professional, but natural light is always better than a flash and sharp, focused photos are a must. If your photos are blurred or washed out, even a great project can look bad. :(

2) Tutorials – I realize that not everyone posts tutorials, especially if you are in the business of selling your items. Tutorials are excellent, especially those with good step by step instructions and photos, but I also look for projects that will inspire others. So if you don’t post tutes, be sure you describe how you created your project in a way that will allow others to draw from your talents.

3) Unique ideas – I am always looking for creative inspiration. Chances are if you followed a tutorial from someone else I’ve already featured, I might not be inclined to feature yours. :-/ Nothing personal! But if I’ve already featured something, I’m on to the next thing. If you’ve made something you feel is unique, by all means submit it.

4)  Popular areas – Some of the most popular posts are crafts made for the kitchen, unique photo displays, furniture makeovers with a twist, and organizing projects. Wreaths are pretty popular too, especially when they are holiday or season specific. But don’t discount the other areas. Just check the side bar on the left and you’ll see the sections of the Home & Garden channel.

Because I have soooo many suggestions sitting in wait, I’ve decided to try and randomly grab one or two each day and feature them. I may use them in a round up or individually, but I will always post a comment on your blog letting you know when I do.

So watch for your project and be sure to share the Craft Gossip love with your readers when you are featured!

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