Maximizing Your Storage Space Outside Of Your Closet


We are not all blessed with the luxury of a wonderful walk in closet in every room of our home.  In fact, it’s not very often that there are even walk in closet in the master bedroom, unless you have a newer home.  It’s just something we learn to deal with.  However, this great post written by Our Fifth House has some amazing ideas of what you can do to maximize your storage space without having to necessarily size down your wardrobe.  I can guarantee you will be able to utilize at least one of the tips, if you are not doing so already.  These tips will also work great for your children’s rooms as well.  See what you think.

Read the post here: Thinking Outside The Closet – Clothing Storage Ideas for Small Closet Owners


  1. A Nonny says

    Can we talk about how that post has absolutely nothing to do with actually small closets? I’m vaguely offended at the suggestion as I type this from 11’x24′ house with a “closet” that’s probably less than 8 sq ft.

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