New Digs YouTube Channel: Crafts, Decor and more

ShowsOne of the many things I love about blogs is getting to know the author through witty comments and sarcastic situations. The creative geniuses at Meredith Video Studios have gone one step further and brought that tongue-in-cheek atmosphere to the video screen with their new lifestyle channel on YouTube called DIGS.

They’re calling it “home and garden with a twist” and I couldn’t agree more. With eight fun new shows to choose from, there’s a little something for everyone. Topics include designing your space, quirky craft challenges, gardening with the stars, and crafters in therapy.

Door Knock Design stars designers Leah Ashley and Mary Darling, who show up at someone’s front door and turn a room upside down in the most fabulous way.

The show Extreme Craft Challenge stars Boaz Frankel, a Portland native and TV host that presents specific supplies to crafters to see what they can come up with.

Gardens of the Rich and Famous stars comedians Emma Tattenbaum-Fine and Ariana Seigel. They play two starving artists that moved to Hollywood and end up as the apprentices for a real-life garden designer.

Other show titles include Craft & Burn, Ready Set Celebrate, Porcelain Thrones, and No Man’s Land. Beginning April 16, 2012 hows will be posted on a weekly basis. New shows may be added in the future as well. Here is the current schedule:

Jordan In The House
Ready, Set, Celebrate
Extreme Craft
Gardens Rich/Famous
Porcelain Thrones
No Mans Land
Door Knock Design

Be sure to subscribe to DIG on YouTube to keep up on the latest videos, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook as well.

New Digs YouTube Channel: Crafts, Decor and more

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