Pretty Lantern Jar

This blog is not in English, however the instructions per her photos seem pretty explanatory. These lovely lanterns are easily made using craft paint and a recycled jar. Go to Vally’s creations to see the Pretty Lantern Jar.


  1. says

    Amanda, i would like to thank you for posting my creation to your site! I also need to say that my site is a two language site, Greek and English, so don’t be afraid to have a look at it if you don’t know Greek! Every text is translated in English! :-) Happy crafts!

  2. Barbara hairston says

    Thanks so much! I’m about to search through the jar collection and get started right away. The seniors I work with would love, love, love to make these.

  3. Tina Wegner says

    Love this idea, will show it to my daughter who is 15 and likes to paint. Also for any site which is not in English, you can go to google translate and get the translate button. It works to any language. I love it!

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