Sewing Craft Room Tour at beingBrook

Sewing Craft Room Tour at beingBrookIf you need a little inspiration for your craft room, I suggest you head over to beingBrook for a complete tour of her new duds. A pretty craft table made by her hubby, desk, walls, accessories, a complete redo. I think my favorite part is the color of the craft table, which she shares in her post as well. So head over to beingBrook here for the Sewing Craft Room Tour.


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    Hi, I just want to say YES!! I just got done writing a coment and it didn’t post because I don’t have a blog. It is hard for us who are not blogers to get a chance to say what we think. all the prizes go to blogers, because if you don’t have a blog, you don’t get entered. I have tried so many times, but got rejected because it calls for a website.Any way I do love what you have done to your room It is sooo beautiful. Im am haveing one done also. Finally. I can hardly wait to get in there and sort and paint and make it so nice. It is going to be a while longer but I will try to send you some pictures of it. by your own email so I will know you will get them. You enjoy your room , and I will continue to work on mine. Happy Day Gerry Lee

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