The Volker Easter Egg Tree

The Volker Easter Egg TreeBelieve it or not, that tree is decorated with thousands of Easter eggs! The number reached 9,800 in 2011 and they have finally reached full capacity this year at 10,000 amazing Easter eggs! Look at this close up…

The Volker Easter Egg Tree

This tree was a childhood dream of Volker Kraft, a German man who saw his first Easter tree as a boy in 1945. As an adult with a young and growing family, he started his own decorated tree in his home town of Saalfeld, Germany in the mid sixties. He and his wife would drill their eggs, use the contents of the eggs in their meals, then decorate and hang the shells.

While it is in German, this is the official site of the Volker Easter Tree and if your browser has an automatic translator you should be able to read most of it.

A few hints:

Egg #3 tells you the story.
Egg #4 is an amazing photo gallery you won’t want to miss.
Egg #5 is a list of news clippings.
Egg #9 is a shop where you can buy postcards, CDs, etc
Egg #11 is a video you can watch
Egg #13 & 14 tell of his home town and shares pictures

And if by chance you read German, visit egg #2 which are scans of letters and postcards they have received over the years. Pretty amazing stuff!

The Volker Easter Egg Tree

Spotted via Anette Lyskjaer and Oddity Central.


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