These Angry Birds want you!

If you have no use for these cardboard tube angry birds but would still like to help the relief effort in Japan, think of a relative, neighbor child, local day care, or even a children’s hospital you’d like me to ship these too. They will make a great shelf decoration and any child (or grown up who loves this addictive game!) will smile when they open the package :) So remember, they don’t have to be for you, I will ship them to whoever you want. If you would like to include a letter with your gift, you can email it to me and I will print it off and include it in the box.

There’s only a couple days left until the auction for Japan ends. Remember, this is for a good cause! ALL money collected will go directly to the relief effort in Japan via The Salvation Army. We’ll even pay for your shipping if you are inside the United States.



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    These are awesome! My wife makes stuffed animal angry birds, but this is something my kids would enjoy making. Thanks for sharing this!

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