9 Year Old Builds Cardboard Arcade

9 Year Old Builds Cardboard ArcadeThere I was, minding my own business, drinking my coffee when I saw a post on Facebook. Seems there’s a little boy named Caine in East L.A. that spent the summer going to work with his dad in the family auto part store. Caine loves arcade games and decides to use the empty boxes in the back room to create an actual working cardboard arcade. A young crafter in the making! Pretty intricate stuff, and quite a lot of thought put into the workings of everything, but alas, no customers. Until one day when filmmaker Nirvan Mullick (another artist in his own right) stops by the store for a car part he needed. Nirvan buys a ticket, plays some games (Caine’s first customer) and then asks Caine’s dad’s permission to help get some more arcade customers to the shop. The power of social media at its finest was at work here, and before you know it… well, I’ll let you watch for yourself. Be careful, you may need a tissue. :) See the short film here (it’s worth the ten minutes!)

[Special thanks to Amy of Mod Podge Rocks for sharing this heartwarming tear jerker!]

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