Guest Post: Build Your Own Snow Mobile

Today’s guest poster is Jessica from the fun blog Mad in Crafts. I’m excited that Jessica agreed to share a tutorial with us all today as she’s a talented crafter with fun ideas. I won’t carry on any longer, instead I’ll turn things over to Jessica! Today she’ll show you how to build your own Snow Mobile:

Snowflake Mobile

Nope, not that kind of snowmobile.

I am Jessica Hill from Mad in Crafts and I am thrilled to share this simple winter décor project with you today.  I love to take inexpensive materials and use them to make my home a little more lovely!

I found some glittered snowflake ornaments at the dollar store and knew they would make a delicate snowy mobile to add to my Christmas decorations.

Snowflake MobileTo build a snow mobile, you will need:

dollar store snowflake ornaments
a branch
silver spray paint

Snowflake MobileBegin by tying a length of monofilament to each snowflake ornament.  If you would like each snowflake to hang straight, attach the monofilament at the top of each ornament.  If you would like a more natural look, tie some of the monofilament pieces onto the middle of the snowflake.  This will cause those ornaments to hang at an angle.

Snowflake Mobile

My branch is actually the long stem from a bunch of silk hydrangeas.  You can just as easily pick a branch up out of your yard and paint it instead.

Suspend your branch from the ceiling using monofilament.  If you want your branch to remain stationary, hang it from two stings of monofilament.  Hanging it from one piece will make it spin like a typical mobile, but will make balancing the ornaments harder.

If you hang the branch from push pins, you can wrap the excess monofilament around the pins until it is hanging at the angle you like the most.  Trim off the extra monofilament.

Starting in the middle, hang your ornaments from the branch at varying heights.  As you add more ornaments, keep the visual balance of the mobile in mind.  If you have too many ornaments on one side or the other, the mobile will look lopsided even if it still hangs straight.

Snowflake Mobile

I chose to hang the ornaments in an organic, random fashion which gives it a casual feel.  If you want a more formal, clean look you can hang the ornaments in a symmetrical pattern.  Just start in the very middle and work out from there.

Snowflake Mobile

We have a large TV that sits on an angle in the corner of our living room, so we usually have nothing but wasted space above it.  This mobile is the perfect way to add some decoration in that space without overwhelming the TV.

The lights from our Christmas tree glint off of the sparkles on the ornaments in a very pretty way.  If you had a way to run a cord to your version of this mobile, I think it would be gorgeous to add some hanging twinkle lights on it too.

If you do make a version of this mobile, I would love to see it.  Just visit me at Mad in Crafts and let me know.  Thanks again for the chance to share this idea with you!

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Thanks so much for sharing with us today Jessica! You can like Mad In Crafts on Facebook, check out her boards on Pinterest, and follow her on Twitter.


  1. lisalynn says

    Aw, love the idea.. will be picking up snow flakes today :-)
    just the perfect addition to my old favs for Christ-mas :-)


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