Wreath Made with Burlap


Is crafting with burlap the new trend? I am seeing so many suggestions pouring into our emails regarding crafts with burlap that it makes me think that burlap should now be officially recognized as the crafting product of the year.… Read the rest

DIY Chair Made With Belts


You might need a lot of belts for this one. But the result might be spectacular.

Sally and her partner wanted to create something different and unique for their own apartment and they made this chair using old belts (from … Read the rest

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DIY 3D Coat Rack


At first glance, you look at the picture and are convinced that the coat rack is indeed 3D. Look closer and you will realize that you have been fooled!

This is a brilliant piece of DIY. Not only is it … Read the rest

New Site: Washi Tape Crafts

New Site: Washi Tape Crafts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard of Mod Podge Rocks! run by Amy Anderson. Amy has started a new site dedicated to washi tape craft projects. Now, instead of wandering the Internet or stalking Pinterest, you … Read the rest