Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

Pom Pom Flower Bouquet
Making pom poms is actually quite easy. This tutorial shows you how to make them using a for and some yarn, that’s it! Turn them into a gorgeous bouquet of pom pom flowers you can display any time of year. … Read the rest

Rustic Subway Art Cross

Rustic Subway Art CrossI originally saw this unique display of subway art just before Easter. I guess what struck me most about this piece is that it’s such a fabulous combination of rustic decor, faith and stepping outside the box. Subway art is … Read the rest

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Victorian Egg Place Cards

Victorian Egg Place CardsI’m not sure whether Carolyn intended these beautiful place cards to have a Victorian look to them, but they do. And they are just lovely! She’s been taking special care as she’s been using eggs in the kitchen, cracking them … Read the rest

Easter Chick Wreath

Easter Chick WreathSometimes a post just makes you smile. This was one of those moments for me. We’ve seen lots of pretty wreaths filled with flowers, herbs, twigs and berries. We’ve seen lots of fun wreaths made from colored beans, marshmallows and … Read the rest

The Volker Easter Egg Tree

The Volker Easter Egg TreeBelieve it or not, that tree is decorated with thousands of Easter eggs! The number reached 9,800 in 2011 and they have finally reached full capacity this year at 10,000 amazing Easter eggs! Look at this close up…

The Volker Easter Egg Tree

This tree … Read the rest

Ombre Napkin Rings

Ombre Napkin RingsJessica sent me this simple, inexpensive craft that provides a quick way to add spring colors to your table setting. Ombre designs are totally trendy right now and this project is a great way to jump on the band wagon. … Read the rest