Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

Making pom poms is actually quite easy. This tutorial shows you how to make them using a for and some yarn, that’s it! Turn them into a gorgeous bouquet of pom pom flowers you can display any time of year. In fact, wouldn’t it be great to make different colors for different seasons and holidays? […]

Rustic Subway Art Cross

I originally saw this unique display of subway art just before Easter. I guess what struck me most about this piece is that it’s such a fabulous combination of rustic decor, faith and stepping outside the box. Subway art is almost always created on a rectangular flat surface, framed or not framed, and displayed as […]

13 Ideas for Spring Craft & Garden Projects

Looking for spring crafting or garden themed ideas? Whether it’s spring colors, spring inspiration, or spring themed, there are several fun ideas here for you to pick from. Flowers, gardens, and everything outdoors, anything to celebrate the season! 1. Pretty Spring Napkin Rings 2. Spring Towel up-do 3. Spring Hair Pins 4. Butterfly Mobile 5. […]

8 Spring Flower Crafts

April showers certainly do bring May’s beautiful flowers! Even crafty ones. Here are 8 different ways to create flowers using fabric, nylon, contact paper, tissue paper and more. 1. Fabric Flowers 2. Crepe Paper Roses 3. Tissue Paper and Crepe Paper Flowers 4. Nylon Tulips 5. Bubble Flowers 6. Contact Paper Flowers 7. Waxed Paper […]

Rustic Peeps Bunny Garland

This adorable garland was inspired by the loved Easter icon, the Marshmallow Peep. Peeps have really dominated the crafting arena in the last two years, so this project is actually a refreshing alternative! See how Angie made this cute Rustic Peeps Bunny Garland.

Crafts Using Leftover Egg Shells

Now that Easter is here you’re undoubtedly going to have several colored egg shells gracing your compost bin. That’s certainly a great way to dispose of them, but before you ditch them all, check out some of these fun projects, something for every age group. Egg Shell Pendants – a video tutorial shows how to […]

Faux Finish Alabaster Eggs

Colleen will show you how she created this faux finish to come up with these lovely Alabaster Eggs. Inspired by William’s Sonoma, these are definitely a pretty knock off! Check them out at Mural Maker and More: Faux (paw) Finish Alabaster Eggs.

Bunny Napkin Folding

Need a last minute idea for adding a little fun and jazz to the Easter table? The folks at Chinet have a great video and printable step by step tutorial to show you how to make these super cute folded bunny napkins. Happy Easter! Go here for the video and printable — Napkin Folding | […]

Faux Milk Glass Eggs

Here’s a fun idea for turning wooden eggs into milk glass look alikes! A fun way to decorate for Easter. Get the tutorial for these faux milk glass eggs at Just Crafty Enough Project – Faux Milk Glass Eggs.

Victorian Egg Place Cards

I’m not sure whether Carolyn intended these beautiful place cards to have a Victorian look to them, but they do. And they are just lovely! She’s been taking special care as she’s been using eggs in the kitchen, cracking them open a certain way them soaking them clean, saving them for this special day. These […]

Easter Chick Wreath

Sometimes a post just makes you smile. This was one of those moments for me. We’ve seen lots of pretty wreaths filled with flowers, herbs, twigs and berries. We’ve seen lots of fun wreaths made from colored beans, marshmallows and even gumdrops. But a sweet wreath made from feathers and dressed up to look like […]

The Volker Easter Egg Tree

Believe it or not, that tree is decorated with thousands of Easter eggs! The number reached 9,800 in 2011 and they have finally reached full capacity this year at 10,000 amazing Easter eggs! Look at this close up… This tree was a childhood dream of Volker Kraft, a German man who saw his first Easter […]

Ombre Napkin Rings

Jessica sent me this simple, inexpensive craft that provides a quick way to add spring colors to your table setting. Ombre designs are totally trendy right now and this project is a great way to jump on the band wagon. See the tute at Ombre Napkin Rings | Shimmer Kai.

Ruffled Fabric Easter Eggs

Cute! Believe me, as a crafter of many years, I struggle each year to come up with yet another way to decorate for Easter, just like the rest of you. There are endless variations out there, but my eyes lit up when Jamie submitted these to me. One thing that really catches my eye is […]

Faux Milk & Dark Chocolate Easter Tree

Check out those chocolate eggs seductively hanging from that Easter tree. They look good enough to eat don’t they? But they really aren’t edible, so don’t be pulling them off the tree just yet! If you want this decadent look for your home, head over to Sisteroo for the tutorial! — Milk & Dark Chocolate […]