Anthro hack 3

This great knock-off project can be just what you have been looking for to display a set of vintage flatware.  However, if you don’t have a set of collectibles, you can use any set of thrifted silverware.  I especially like …

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Herringbone is a very trendy pattern right now, just as gold is the “in” color to decorate with.  What better way to add in a touch of color and pattern than with a beautiful accent table?  This amazing DIY project comes to us today …

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We all want a beautiful kitchen space, but having a complete overhaul and upgrading our cabinets is not always within budget.  Adding a new coat of paint and updating your hardware can sometimes be all that your space needs to take …

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Alexis Middleton of Persia Lou was able to give a sad, vinyl-covered kids table a whole new look by replacing the vinyl with a wood top! The chairs were updated with spray paint and hand-stamped fabric as well.

And I think this would …

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.. the easy way with inspiration from this idea from a few years ago. Now that spring is here, it is time to get out of the house and start actually implementing these ideas to get into the backyard. Get …

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What a clever redo! Use the drum of a unused washing machine to make a fire pit that is part modern, part so-clever!

I love the fact that it’s such a cool DIY project! And so easy to do. Just …

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Carrie, of Making Lemonade blog, started with asking the question:

“Can you build a home without it’s foundation?  A tiered cake without the first layer?  A bridge without it’s supports?  Moms are the foundation, the supports, the humble bottom layer.  …

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Out of Spain comes this idea to decorate your restaurant or storefront with a clever use of duct tape and yellow paint.

The idea is dubbed “fos” which means melted in Catalan or light in Greek. It creates a unique …

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Ethan Schlussler is now a celebrity. And his claim to fame? Creating this awesome elevator that he made because he got tired of climbing up the stairs to his tree house.

There are no step by step directions to this …

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Super Mario Room


There are no step by steps. This is just an inspiration for your next DIY transformation of your kids bedroom!

Found via reddit – this couple transformed their daughters bedroom into a Super Mario themed wonderland.

I am just excited …

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This is a tutorial for a no sew, up-cycled dinning room chair revamped with spray paint and a vintage burlap sack.

Go get the details at Upcycled Chair.…

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Megan, who blogs at, writes about the fun DIY things she does in a rental house.

Her latest project is a revival of rental home’s kitchen bench for only a $100!

The transformation is pretty amazing – and considering …

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Living in suburbia and missing the farm? Or just bored of your current decor and wish to inject some style from the farm? Or secretly you’re a farm girl (or boy)?

Then head on over to the 10 ways

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This is a very thrifty and modern revamp of a side table by Sarah from

And all it took was some paint! I also love the fact that she has pictures of her kids doing all the hard work …

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Taking a year to make this repurposed card catalog is surely the longest DIY project in history?

But who cares – when the end result is so useful!

The original card catalog was cut in half and then repurposed, primed …

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