Retro Plate Holder

Anthro hack 3

This great knock-off project can be just what you have been looking for to display a set of vintage flatware.  However, if you don’t have a set of collectibles, you can use any set of thrifted silverware.  I especially like … Read the rest

DIY Outdoor Mommy Oasis


Carrie, of Making Lemonade blog, started with asking the question:

“Can you build a home without it’s foundation?  A tiered cake without the first layer?  A bridge without it’s supports?  Moms are the foundation, the supports, the humble bottom layer.  … Read the rest

Super Mario inspired room

Super Mario Room


There are no step by steps. This is just an inspiration for your next DIY transformation of your kids bedroom!

Found via reddit – this couple transformed their daughters bedroom into a Super Mario themed wonderland.

I am just excited … Read the rest