This fun little post comes to us today thanks to Mark Montano.  He has this great tutorial on his blog for these adorable button shaped stepping stones made from cement.  The process is so easy and his tutorial is written perfectly …

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It’s that time of the year to break out your BBQ grill and cook anything, and about everything that you can.  However, using your grill that often can take a toll on it.  Did you know you should be cleaning your BBQ …

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We have all seen different takes on projects to make out of recycled wood pallets, but this is one that may just be a bit of an original.  These lounge chairs are not only fun to look at, but when …

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Most of us love the sound of birds chirping in our yards, and what better way to invite them in than to have a beautiful birdbath?  Most of these are made from items that you probably have around your house so head on over …

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Got an old door or window from your own home or picked/saw one at a yard sale that you don’t know what to do with? Why, make a statement in your garden with it of course?

Empress of Dirt has …

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Cement projects are trending big time with DIY-ers.  It is just that right pop of modern style, yet giving you a chic and artistic look.  Did you know that there are lots of cool, industrial chic DIY projects you can make with cement?  These …

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Let’s be honest, the worst part of gardening is running into those pesky little bugs that try eating all of  your hard work.  Some people don’t mind them, others get a little squeamish when they see a slug or a …

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Mosquito Repellent Plants

Depending on where you live, mosquitoes can be quite the summertime pests.  While they don’t like the heat that is produced from the sun during the day, they tend to come out when the evening cools down, and find the …

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The front porch of your home can say a lot about how you feel about your home.  It’s one place where your visitors get the first impression of who  you are, and what you like.  Why not take a minute …

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Whether you are new to growing vegetables, or a seasoned gardener, it’s a well known fact that some years just seem to be better than others.  However, even those off years can produce good results if you just put …

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The summer months and best known for late nights around a campfire.  However, it’s not always a possibility to get away and build a campfire in the mountains.  Why not build your own fire pit in your back yard?  You …

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How can you resist a classic children’s toy?  The seesaw definitely fits in as a classic, and thanks to a little paint and fun fabric, you can make it look a little more trendy and up to date.

Mallory from the blog …

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Here at our house – the garden duties all belong to me. And needless to say – the garden is the part of the house that is the most neglected, if not alltogether forgotten.

So, it is with great happiness …

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 While many of us are going about our spring cleaning lists, there is one piece in our home that can sometimes be overlooked.   The AC unit.  Did you know it needs to be cleaned as well?  And, on a …

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 We all love to spend time outside.  A little fresh air now in then is good for the soul.  It’s also good for the soul to have some time to relax and recharge after a busy day and what better …

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