Anthro hack 3

This great knock-off project can be just what you have been looking for to display a set of vintage flatware.  However, if you don’t have a set of collectibles, you can use any set of thrifted silverware.  I especially like …

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DIY Galvanized Rusty

Aging metal is not a new technique by any means, but this is one method you will want to check out.  With all of the different methods available, this great tutorial is written up using metal and a household cleaner …

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This is one of the most popular times of the year to take a vacation, especially for those vacations planned on a beachy ocean-front.  For some of us, a trip to the beach can happen any time, but for others …

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Ashley shows us an easy way to organize your jewelry. All you need is a frame, chicken wire and some hooks! Easy peasy!

Get her tutorial on how to make your own jewelry organizer.…

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like pizza, especially since you can customize it to suit any taste buds. I like my pizza with anchovies and a nice crisp bottom. I even love the slightly burnt smoky taste that …

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I recall when I was around 12 I wanted to plant some herbs in my brothers old gym shoes. My parents looked at me with those “Oh you’re so creative but weird” eyes.  Perhaps it was the fact they were …

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Here are this weeks top DIY lampshades from around the internet. These projects are sure to inspire you from the boring normality of plain store bought lamps into something creatively wonderful.

1: Jute Wrapped Shade by  Handmadehome

2: Plastic cup

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Soup Can Caddy for Your Picnic Table @craftgossip

Memorial Day, while not the official first day of summer, marks the opening of theme parks, campgrounds, and tons of other summertime activities and attractions. It’s also one of the biggest picnic days of the year. No doubt there will …

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Repurposed Pallet Desk

WOW. I mean really.. wow. I never in a million years would have thought to turn a pallet into a flip down desk! This is an amazing project and the moment it came through my email I wanted one! Luckily …

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The Basics of Painting Plastic

Ever been unsure about painting items made from plastic? Here’s a quick run down of surfaces and tips for painting them from Home Made Simple. Get the scoop at – Painting Basics: Plastic | Home Made Simple.…

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7 Repurpose Craft Projects for the Home

Repurposing means you have taken something that is no longer useful or desirable in its current state and transformed it into something completely different. Repurposing is actually what we do when we say we are “recycling” in the craft world. …

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Floppy Disk Planters

Here’s a creative way to use outdated floppy disks, create a tech garden! These would make fun gifts too, and the succulent idea is a great one for those with a less than green thumb. Get the tutorial here — …

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Threaded Valentine Cans

Now here’s a unique idea! I’ve certainly heard of punching holes in tin cans to make luminaries, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone lave up those holes! This looks like a fun project and I really think the …

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Recycled CD/DVD Photo Book

Crafters are getting more and more creative in how they recycle old CDs and DVDs. Take this project as an example. Who would have thought to use old CDs to create a whimsical little photo book! I love the idea …

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Inspirational Pallet Wall Art

It’s clean yet rustic, charming and inspirational. It’s also a recycled wood pallet, which means this is a big piece of wall art! There’s step by step instructions so you can get this look too — Love Of Family &

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