Driftwood Horses

Earlier this week I posted about email images I had received, pictures of the amazing pencil lead sculptures of Dalton Ghetti. Today I’m sharing with you some more mouth dropping art, this time from sculptor Heather Jansch. Heather makes life size horses from bits and pieces of driftwood.

I first heard about Heather from one of my favorite blogs, Funky Junk Interiors, where you can read an interview with the talented sculptor. Since then I’ve seen her work on Stumble Upon and it has been passed to me via email. So if you see any emails containing her amazing work, be sure to reply to your friends and make sure they give credit and refer to her website. She’s written a book too, in which you will see some of her drawings and read about her early work.

When I was in school, I drew… horses. All the time. It was fun to read that this talented driftwood sculptor did the same. In fact in her profile she explains that she had trouble in school and wanted only to draw and be artistic. If you like the images you see here, be sure to visit her website and browse all the gallery images.

Visit the website of Heather Jansch and read the interview at Funky Junk Interiors.


  1. says

    cool, we have a set of these built on the dry lake bed not far from us. They are gorgeous. A farmer also built some cows from metal rod sculpture, with one nursing and placed them out in the fields, very fun to see.

  2. de says

    I saw one of these yesterday on campus at Pasadena City College. I wanted to plant myself and just take it in… but I had a deadline.


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